Ardnahoe Distillery

Ardnahoe Distillery is well worth a visit. A short drive along the single track road that continues past Persabus to Bunnahabhain, and just a twenty minute walk from the farm. Or five minutes by car if you are in a hurry!.

The Distillery has a spacious bar and restaurant, the food is delicious, and those views across to Jura are just magical. The centre has a shop full of beautiful pieces from across Scotland, so do enjoy browsing and buying gifts to take home.

From Persabus we watched the whole construction process as each piece of the new Distillery trundled past the farmhouse making its way to this exiciting new venture. Read on and enjoy the most exciting delivery.

As the building of Ardnahoe Distillery is well underway the Happy Farmer thought Christmas had come early as a shining copper still trundled its way through the farm to Ardnahoe Distillery, where it will be part of the whisky production for many years to come.

The Happy Farmer was beside himself with glee.

Christmas had arrived early, or so he thought, as he looked out of the farmhouse window to see a lorry roll up with a large, gleaming copper still sat comfortably and invitingly on the back. Reality soon set in, this was no illicit still, and Persabus is not going into whisky production just yet. No, the Still’s destination was clearly emblazoned on the other side of the trailer. Luckily the latest distillery on the island is, in the Happy Farmer’s words, just a short stagger from the farm.

It was good then to witness a bit of the island’s unique history

As another Distillery prepares the way for more whisky production. The first run of spirit, according to local whisky whisperers, is in May 2018. We are very excited by our new neighbour’s venture…. Ardnahoe Distillery.

Until next time….