Romantic Breaks on the Scottish Isle of Islay

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Valentine’s Day is Looming

There is no better time to enjoy a romantic break. Celebrate and enjoy indulging in a little romance on the remote Scottish Isle of Islay. With Valentine’s Day looming, it’s a leap year and romance is in the air! (Definitely time to get proposing!)

Or simply enjoy stepping into some ‘special you time’, a romantic island getaway. Time for just the two of you, together, on the picturesque Isle of Islay.

Discovering the Hebrides and these islands have that certain ‘pull’

A unique force of nature, as their dramatic, wild landscape clutches at your very soul.

Sunset over the Paps of Jura

The colourful and harsh landscape coupled with the friendly hospitality of the people and strong community spirit make these islands very special indeed.  

Our guests on the farm and visitors to the pottery are always intrigued as to how I discovered the Hebrides. Came to live on the island of Islay, so far away from my childhood existence. It’s where the Happy Farmer stole my heart. A trip to the neighbouring Isle of Jura, a highland fling at the local ceilidh, and the Happy Farmer soon had me dancing in step into the very heart of island life.

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Islay offers the ideal setting for a Romantic Break

Indulge in lazy lie-ins, in the comfort of your own cosy cottage. We can even deliver hot bacon rolls and a pot of freshly ground coffee to your door.

The breakfast at Persabus Farmhouse B&B

Spend your days hiking across the beautiful headland

Watch as the wildlife come out to play, Sea Eagles, Golden Eagles, Red Deer and Roe Deer. Enjoy strolling hand in hand along Islay’s deserted sandy beaches. Turquoise seas, and the gentle lapping of the waves, and you might even be tempted to hop in for a quick dip. Soothing the soul in the cool waters of the Hebrides. It is definitely invigorating! The bliss then, of stepping into a hot steamy bath post swim, with a delicious dram of a good Islay malt to hand, to warm those cockles.

Take time to enjoy those dreamy sunsets, as candy floss clouds fill the skies. The sun melting and fading away into the distance. What could be more romantic? As the huge open skies of the Hebrides envelope you in their magical display of colour and patterns.

A glass of whisky and a whisky barrel

Cosy evenings, and it’s a chance to curl up, cuddled in front of a log fire. Toasting those toes in the warmth, ready for delicious and hearty candle lit suppers.

Stay on Our Island Farm

Pink skies behind white cottages

Persabus is the perfect setting to plan, host and celebrate. Whether it’s an engagement, an elopement, or a wedding. Choose from our beautiful cottages, or book into the farmhouse bed and breakfast suite. There’s room to accommodate everyone for that special celebration, with the addition of that personal, unique touch, that is Persabus hospitality.

Get in touch. We look forward to welcoming you soon.