Preparing for your Stay

We look forward to offering you a very warm welcome to Persabus soon

Preparing For your stay and you are probably wondering what to pack.

On Islay we can often experience four seasons in a day, so it is always worth while packing an extra jumper, and some wet weather gear, along with those shorts and tee-shirts. You can view the weather forecast for Islay here

Wellies and walking boots are also a useful addition, as during your stay there will be lots of opportunities for fabulous walks, but the grass can be long, and the terrain rough, so decent boots are a good idea to help you make the most of your stay on Islay.

Travelling to Islay

Travelling to Islay and usually you will need to come over to the island by ferry or plane. You must get flights and ferries booked well in advance of your stay as they do get fully booked.

For information on travelling to Islay please click here

Do check out our getting around Islay page. If you are coming to Islay without a car it is important to plan your transport in advance. I have popped together a list of taxi numbers, information on local car hire and links to bus timetables on this page.

For an idea of what Islay, island life, and the possible weather may be like during the month you are due to visit do head over to our blogs section and enjoy our blogs from previous years as well as our latest blog.

Your stay at Persabus

Your accommodation will be available from 3pm.

We operate contactless check-in

Your accommodation will be unlocked and ready for your arrival, so please do go in and get settled.

Do head over to the Things To See and Do section  of this website

for lots of useful information on Distillery opening times, tours, local events, local walks, and so on. We keep it regularly updated throughout the year.

Please note it is definitely worth booking restaurants, taxis and Distillery tours in advance of your stay especially if you are visiting at peak times.

Household waste can be disposed of in the main dustbins. These are situated in the main yard at the entrance across from the pottery building. Blue bins are for cardboard, paper, plastic and tin. Green bins for general waste. The nearest glass bins are at the roundabout at Caol ila or in Keills opposite the bus shelter.

Dogs deserve a lovely holiday too and we hope your best friend enjoys the accommodation and island and feels right at home exploring whilst sticking to our simple ‘petiquette’ guide:

Keep on leash when around farmland

Bag dog waste and place in dustbins

Keep paws off furniture


In Persabus Millhouse to turn the heating on click on each button on the heating box, situated in the kitchen to the left of the cooker. The heating will come on for an hour. Simply press the buttons again if you require more heat.

In Persabus Cottage the heating box is right of the Rayburn in the kitchen. Press just the top right heating button to operate the heating. It will come on for an hour. If after an hour you require further heat just press the button again.

In the bed and breakfast suite there are electric heaters which can be switched on if you require additional heating. Please remember to turn heaters off before you go out.

We ask that you work with us to conserve energy. Please turn off the heating if you are heading out.

(Please do not go into the control box and change the heating settings. There will be an additional charge of £10 a day for heating that is left on when the property is unoccupied during the day, or evening).

Before you leave

Please leave the properties clean and tidy

Dustbins can be found in the main yard by the entrance across from the pottery building.

Please leave the windows open to air the property before departure

Properties must be vacated by 10.00am promptly on day of departure,

Please leave the property unlocked and if staying in the cottages please leave the keys on the table in the kitchen.

We do hope that you really enjoy your stay at Persabus. We live in the main farmhouse so please do just pop across if you need any help or have any questions during your stay.