Islay Holiday

Girl on sandy beach at sunset

It’s time to book your Islay holiday. Are you pondering where to spend your holidays this year? Are your shoulders creeping up to your head, with the stresses of daily life? Well let me guide and inspire you in your choice of holiday adventures, as I guide you on the delights of an Islay holiday.

And so it begins…as…

The Happy Farmer’s breakfasts come in layers of such ‘juicy deliciousness’

Teapot, roll and bacon, croissants and cups

The morning air is filled with the mouth watering aroma of bacon crisped to perfection. Croissants and toast gently warming, intermingled with the heady scent of coffee, as beans are ground, ready to be added to a cafetière warming gently on the Aga.

Layers of bacon, egg, and potato scone, are gently placed on warm buttered rolls. Croissants are lifted from the oven. The toast, ready to be spread with marmalade, as everything is carefully arranged, ready to be served to our guests in the farmhouse bed and breakfast suite  or holiday cottages at Persabus.

It’s not just about those ‘breakfast layers’ though.

There are so many varied layers to an Islay holiday and that unique ‘Persabus Experience’ . It is why a lot of our guests journey back to visit us time and again. Each party on their own exquisite journey. Journeys that flow with happy memories, as the island’s layers gradually unfold and unfurl, adding more depth and beauty to the whole Islay experience.

Man carrying breakfast tray with mugs and jug

May brings a spring awakening as whisky journeys call

With the annual festival of Music and Malt, celebrated at the end of the month. There is a carnival atmosphere to island life, both in the gradual build up, to the start of the ‘festival week’, as the island gets swept up in a buzzing climax of celebrations.

Barrels outside a building

There are the many layers of sensory journeys

An Islay holiday, and who can’t resist watching those whisky adventures unfolding? With each Distillery hosting events to mark the island’s Festival of Music and Malt.

Behind the scenes a culmination of creativity, talent, and hard work, celebrated in each unique experience. The nosing and tasting of fine drams. The concerts and ceilidhs, as talented musicians and dancers, from across the Hebrides and beyond, entertain.

A celebration of the finest of Islay produce, as restaurants, food halls and stalls, conjure up and capture a magical journey that leaves those taste-buds tingling.

Nature too is a hive of activity during this busy month

Two deer nuzzling each other
Photo courtesy of Islay Encounters

Enjoy waking to the sound of hedgerows filled with the chatter of nesting birds. Watch the Swallows as they swoop and dive around the old farm buildings. Nests are constructed, and the mating season gets underway. The cuckoo can be heard, waiting for an opportunity to evict a few eggs from a host’s nest, who unwittingly will be left to adopt and  raise the cuckoo chicks.

Tiny dragon files hover in around the trees and shrubs, like mini helicopters. The hum of buzzing fills the air, as the bees work overtime to pollinate all of the spring flowers that have opened up, lifting their heads to enjoy the warm burst of sunshine.

High in the skies overhead, eagles soar and swoop.

As we journey down to the beach

Girl and dog in the sea

the swan raises her long neck, waking from her slumbers. Perched, majestically, on her nest of seaweed, she patiently waits for those eggs to hatch. Her mate, keeping a watchful eye, as he fishes in the still waters of the Sound.

From the tiny insects, to the huge Sea Eagles, from the deer on the hillside to the otters, the layers of wildlife unfurl in May, as you sit a while, at the water’s edge, taking in the layers of colour in those huge, beautiful, vibrant skies.

There are so many layers to the ‘Persabus Experience’

So many layers to and Islay holiday. Come and enjoy island life.

Come and join us on a journey soon and adventure through those layers of Islay life.

A very warm welcome awaits….

White buildings at sunset, flowers in foreground

Until next time…