Island Life

Island life and sometimes there is nothing better than curling up in front of a roaring fire whilst the wind whips up and whistles outside as a storm is brewing. The cats have all crawled into the snuggest little spots. The dogs are curled up and snoring gently in the background. Everyone is enjoying the warmth of the farmhouse as the flames flicker and dance in the fireplace.

Indoor painting projects are almost complete.

Everything on the farm is positively gleaming

looking bright and refreshed. Even the Happy Farmer has had a spring in his step. I have been banned from the pottery as he has remained ‘holed up’ in there, working away. Interior walls have been sealed and recoated. The floor is bright and glossy with several layers of fresh paint. Slates have been fixed on the roof and guttering finally sorted. Sorry to disappoint. We unfortunately will no longer be offering cold showers, via a leaky gutter, as you exit the pottery this summer.

It really was a team effort at Persabus. Even Ruby dog, at one point, appeared ‘gleaming’, with a lovely shade of magnolia down the right side of her coat. Thankfully it was nothing a good roll in the wet grass couldn’t fix.

With family home everyone has made the most of the lovely sunshine. Eldest has been out riding along the farm tracks and through the fields. Reunited with her furry friends. Long walks out across the headland and strolls along the beaches have been the order of the day. The roar of the Atlantic, on a spring day, with the whole beach to yourselves is Islay living at its best. The dogs have enjoyed having the freedom to run and roll the vast expanses of sand. At the rock pools there was time for a quick dip. The water, bitingly cold, but equally refreshing.

In the evenings hearty chicken pies, lasagnes and cheesy bakes have been flowing from the ovens. After a day out walking and exploring, the cold dark nights call for comfort food, candles and a seat at the fireside. In Persabus Cottage the oven of the oil fired Rayburn is perfect for leaving casseroles and joints bubbling away in, whilst you enjoy the freedom of a day’s adventure. The longer the soups, casseroles and joints simmer in that oven, the tastier and more succulent they seem to be.

The Happy Farmer is away to ‘play’ this weekend. When he heard eldest was heading back to the city via  Oban’s Royal Rumpus Music Festival he felt it was too good an opportunity to miss. A bit of persuasion and he somehow managed to wheedle his way into accompanying her on the journey to Oban for a weekend of ceilidhs, laughter and fun. With storms brewing and our son home for a few days the Persabus fireside and a good book was on the agenda for me. Cosy warmth, with the Persabus cats and dogs curled up beside me. Happy days.

Until next time…