Top 5 Things To Do On Islay

Top 5 things to do on Islay, The magical moment of managing to get the kids, dogs, buckets and spades, packed into the car, and setting off for an exciting island adventure. The ‘stressy’ build up of packing everything in, but once you are on that ferry boat, enjoy as the stress just melts away and your holiday adventures begin.

Now you’ve arrived, let the fun begin. We’ve popped together our list of the top 5 things to do on Islay.

Net on sandy beach

Adventures and Sports

Sea Adventures

Number one of our top 5 things has to be Islay Sea Adventures. Get a trip booked you will soon be cruising along enjoying Islay’s shimmering turquoise seas. Watching as eagles soar overhead, and dolphins dance around the boat. It is a chance to discover Islay’s beautiful coastline with those unique sea views. Clams will be sizzling away on the grill, if you’ve booked a seafood experience. Fishing is on the cards if you like, as sea fishing adventures beckon. Gus and his team will look after all your needs, so get in touch.

A boat on the sea

Fly Fishing Adventures

Another must on the list of top 5 things to do on Islay would have to be an afternoon of fly fishing with fly fish Islay . John McCallum will soon have you casting into the tranquil waters of one of the island’s many lochs. All equipment can be provided, as well as a picnic lunch. Even if you have no experience or equipment, John will be able to guide you on your first fishing adventure. In his spare time John is in the Scottish Commonwealth Fly Fishing team, so you couldn’t be in better hands.


Brought your bikes along? There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy a day’s cycling. I love hopping on the Calmac ferry, on a Wednesday during the summer months, along with my bike and heading off to Colonsay to cycle round the island if time allows.

Islay Fat Bikes offer cycle trips and will take you across Islay’s beaches and terrain on tailor made cycling adventures.

Or why not hire bikes,? You can even enjoy premium electric powered bikes for an easier ride. The Distillery path at Port Ellen is a great place to start as it offers off road cycling adventures. I would definitely recommend stopping off at Ardbeg where you can tuck into some delicious food too.


Known as the ‘Whisky Isle’ , Islay is home to nine world famous Distilleries. Even if you are not partial to a dram, a visit to one of these iconic distilleries is definitely worth it. Each distillery boasts a spectacular location, all have amazing visitor centres, and offer bespoke tours and tastings. Enjoy hearing the history of Islay’s distilling past. Tuck into hearty meals and refreshments as most of the distilleries now have restaurants and bars. Meet the character and flavour of the island, as there are so many layers to the fabulous Islay whisky journey to uncover.

People visiting Ardnahoe Distillery

Beaches and Wildlife

With many magical beaches, coves, caves and huge expanses of golden sands, Islay offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. You can often be the only people on the beach. With the light and vibrant colours Islay’s beaches are simply breath taking. Filled with wildlife, enjoy watching out for otters at play, dolphins in the Sound, and eagles overhead. Whether you enjoy sandy beaches with big beautiful rollers crashing onto the shore, or tiny coves, with natural arches and caves, Islay offers many different beaches along its beautiful coastline.

Machir Bay
Machir Beach on Islay