Autumn in the Pottery

With cold, crisp mornings and the first signs of frost in the ground, the wood burning stove has been roaring back to life in the pottery studio. The Happy Farmer heads over each morning after the feeding rounds to get the fire burning and top up supplies of coal and logs, ensuring the workshop is toasty cosy for an afternoon of creativity.
The turquoise seas of the Sound of Islay, the sun lying low in the sky, and then the few cheeky ‘visitors’ at the pottery door, who happen to be munching their way through the grass outside, all add to the creative mix going on inside my little studio. Designs begin to evolve and the creative spirit flows. The workshop table is a maze of bottles with a wide range of vivid colours on offer. Baskets overflow with sponges of varying textures, shapes and sizes and then there are mugs bursting with paint brushes. I really do feel like a child in a sweet shop at this quieter time of year as my brush flicks paint across the ceramic surface, with the cosy glow of the fire burning away slowly and warming my back.
The ‘visitors’ outside are gathered at the pottery door, eyeing me up. They didn’t waste much time when they spied an open gate. They took their chance, and came skipping down the track and across the road, for a ‘wee’ visit. Eldest’s’ Hebridean flock popping by for a tasty bite. When they see me they know the ‘game’s a bogey’, a quick clap of hands sees them meandering into an orderly line and trotting happily back to their field across the road. If only the Happy Farmer could be gathered in so easily!
It has been a week of enjoying the last glints of daylight in the late afternoon, hiking out the hill with the dogs, as the gorgeous panorama unfolds and shadows spread across the land with the setting of the sun in those beautiful autumn skies. The dogs and I just love our ‘hill time’ at Persabus. Soon it will be far too dark for after work rambles, hibernation will take over with early suppers in front of glowing log fires in the farmhouse. A chance to recharge and rest as the pace of life slows with the shorter days of winter.
The cottages are still busy with visitors making the most of the beauty of an Islay autumn. It’s a time for brisk walks on deserted beaches, the sunset skies reflecting on the wet sands as huge waves wash across the shoreline. A time for woodland walks and mugs of hot chocolate. Fireside drams as you toast your toes after a day hiking out on the hill or on a windswept beach.
This month the pottery will be open on Wednesday evenings for pottery painting workshops from 7pm for an hour. A chance to enjoy playing with brushes and sponges, experimenting with a variety of colours and techniques. A chance to explore creativity. Capturing the autumn colours on pottery and creating unique and lasting keepsakes. There will be earlier workshops for the younger members of the community to come along and create Santa plates, Christmas baubles, bowls and trinkets as they play with handprints, footprints and colour creating beautiful pieces to be shared and treasured for years to come. (Tuesday 12th November and Tuesday 19th November, 4pm to 5.30pm).
Christmas shopping nights are on the cards, with coffees and mince pies at the ready and lots of twinkling fairy lights as the Christmas Spirit draws nearer.
A warm welcome is waiting for all who manage along to join us
Until next time…