Potting Around

I have missed painting pots. Today I left painting walls behind and was able to indulge in my ceramic art once more. I love this time of year. The vibrancy of winter feeds my creativity. The colours flow and new ranges evolve.

I have been working on ‘Islay time’, scenic mugs. Cups of tea are always such a very welcome and important part of my daily ritual and so the idea of having a ‘cup of Islay time’ grew and translated into island sunrises and panoramas flowing onto my ceramics. These pieces are about stopping in the moment and enjoying a bit of ‘Islay time’ over a tea break.

I love my Islay sunrises. They are such a happy and welcome start to the day. I am forever posting photos of the latest sunrise on Facebook and Instagram. I spent Friday painting the Persabus sunrise on to my Islay Time mug. I was pleased with the results, although it won’t be until they are fired and emerge from the kiln that I will see if the colours are as they should be. Luckily youngest pointed out I had completely missed off McArthur’s Head in the panorama, such is my devotion to our neighbouring isle. I hadn’t seen beyond the beautiful landscape that Jura unveils as the sun begins to rise. Today McArthur’s Head, which has a lighthouse signalling the mouth of the Sound of Islay, made a very welcome appearance on those mugs.

Until next time….