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Looking for unusual gift ideas? See something you like? Pop along to the pottery studio on Islay. Or visit our online shop from the comfort of your home. Pieces can be posted straight to your door (UK only). Persabus Pottery on Islay, offers a wide range of ceramic gifts for sale. All Unique to the Isle of Islay. Each piece is hand painted by Rosemary, featuring her own designs. Inspired by the varying hues of the ever-changing seasons, and the flora and fauna of the island. Each piece has an original design and is painted, glazed and fired at Persabus Farm Pottery, capturing the essence of island living. Pottery orders can be placed via the website

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Saligo Range

The Saligo Range captures one of Rosemary’s favourite coastlines on Islay. It has rugged, wild beaches, where the Atlantic rollers come crashing in over the sand and rocks. This range is filled with the vibrant blues and turquoises of the sea, the white horses on the waves with glints of yellow sand. We hope that you enjoy this range and that wherever you are it brings a little bit of Islay into your day.

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Alice's Killinallan Range

Alice’s Killinallan Range captures this magical beach on Islay’s west coast. Named after Alice, a lovely lady who visits the pottery each year with her young family. Alice ‘gets’ Killinallan in the same way Rosemary ‘gets’ Killinallan. It is one of Rosemary’s favourite beaches. A sandy wilderness for lazy days, breathtaking hikes, sunshine swims and building lasting childhood memories, even when you’re all grown up…you’ll never grow out of Killinallan. The young Persabus clan have spent many hours playing on the golden sands, jumping down the dunes, creating sand sculptures, collecting shells for arty projects and paddling in the warm turquoise waters collecting cockles for supper. Alice’s Killinallan Range captures these lasting memories on pottery for you to enjoy, taking this beautiful beach into your home, making every day a beach day.


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Ocean Swirls Range

This range is inspired by island living. With the sea providing an endless source of inspiration for Rosemary’s artwork this range captures the vibrancy, colours and energy of the sea on a stormy day in winter. Rosemary is drawn to the sea, having spent many days sailing and fishing from boats as a youngster, this range is about the moodiness, emotion and pattern of the high seas.

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Duncan's Bunnahabhain Range

Duncan’s Bunnahabhain Range captures wild and blustery walks out along the headland beyond Bunnahabhain. Where wide open skies are reflected in wild stormy seas. It’s not often Rosemary has her son home to explore the coastline these days….but when he is…where else would you want to be on a stormy winter’s day?


Port Ban Range

The Port Ban Range is named after a small sandy cove, just past the village of Bruichladdich. This bay is ideal for swimming in the warmer months.

The colours in this design capture a day in May. Inspiration and creativity flowed in the pottery after a beautiful and bracing swim. The turquoise sea and the rocks  blooming with sea pinks. This beautiful island provides so much inspiration. I hope the Port Ban Range breathes a bit of island life into your day…happy days xx

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Seaweed from the Sound Range - coming soon!

The Seaweed from the Sound range was inspired by walks through the Dunlossit woods to a small bay which opens out onto the Sound of Islay. A beach filled with colourful pink, purple, grey and blue pebbles and a tideline of colourful seaweed. Here inquisitive seals watch you on the shoreline, bobbing their heads just above the waves. Seaweed from the Sound range was inspired by the beach ‘treasures’ gathered on these walks. The colourful seaweed of the Sound of Islay.

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Lucy Sea Breeze Range

The Lucy Sea Breeze Range, inspired by the colours’ of Islay’s spectacular coastline, and named after Lucy, who commissioned pieces from the range for her mainland art gallery and coffee shop.

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Cairistiona Rose Range

The Cairistiona Rose Range inspired by Mother’s Day and named after one of Rosemary’s daughters. Roses feature a lot on the farm. At Persabus the wild roses planted by the Happy Farmer’s late grandmother still grow all these years later around the farmhouse door. There are roses growing in troughs in various corners of the farm which were gifts from the Happy Farmer’s late mother, Valinda, who ran Persabus Pottery in the 1970s. The Cairistiona Rose range is a tribute to motherhood to Rosemary’s own mother, and to her own beautiful Cairistiona Rose.

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Cairistiona Rose Range (multi coloured roses)

The Cairistiona Rose Range also comes with multi coloured roses, capturing the variety of colours in the roses growing in the troughs and flowerbeds at Persabus

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Winter Sound Range

The Winter Sound Range is inspired by island life. The deep greens and turquoise of wild winter seas and the greys and purples of the winter skies on a stormy Islay day. As you step outside the pottery studio at Persabus the winter colours of the seascape unveil themselves.

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Pringle the Highland Cow Range

Pringle the Highland Cow Range initially began as two highland cow mugs commissioned by a lovely couple from the Netherlands. Pringle was one of the special ladies on the farm, a beautiful Highland cow, who loved attention and a good back rub if you were passing. Pringle was the muse for the original design. The range is very loved and the other year a whole ‘herd’ of Pringles went over to New York, in the form of a dinner service. The range continues to grow and includes ‘Whisky coos’ who are multi coloured Pringles and we have ‘Pringle the Cool Coo’ in her sunglasses…enjoy!

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Sheena's Islay Beach Time Range

Sheena’s Islay Beach Time Range named after Sheena and launched to celebrate her ‘big’ birthday. An Islay girl, Sheena is a bundle of positive and creative energy, with an infectious smile. She is a fantastic singer, performing across the island over the years, and many times at the Islay Jazz Festival. A keen quilter and sewer, she is a very good friend. Her birthday is in December and every year Sheena always heads to the beach to celebrate. Laden with flasks of hot soup to warm the heart as the weather can often be blustery and cold. Barbeques are at the ready, and a picnic basket of goodies. Sheena’s Islay Beach Time is a tribute to this lovely lady and is about capturing those special beach time memories onto pottery to bring the island’s beaches home.

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Corryvreckan Range

As a young student Rosemary spent some fabulous holidays walking and camping along the north and west coast of the Isle of Jura. With happy memories of sitting looking out across the Gulf of the Corryvreckan this range captures the energy and colour of this amazing and beautiful part of our world.

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Josie Poppy Range

Josie Poppy is named after Rosemary’s lovely mum and inspired by all of the poppies Rosemary managed to grow in every flower bed around the farm. For a few years poppies flourished everywhere on Persabus.

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Valinda Tartan Range

The Valinda Tartan Range is named after Rosemary’s lovely late mother-in-law, Valinda. She loved all things tartan and ran the pottery in the late 1970s and 80s. This range is a tribute to a very fine lady.

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Misty Isle Range

The Misty Isle range was inspired by autumn on Islay and the beautiful panoramic view that unfolds when you step outside Persabus Farmhouse. The colours and shades capture the essence and vibrancy of an autumnal day on the island in late November.

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Kate's Purple Heather Range

Kate’s Purple Heather captures the essence of Islay’s heather clad hills, the purples, violets, blues, and greens set amongst moody grey skies and was inspired by a photograph taken by Kate.

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Below the Byre Range - available soon!

Below the Byre Range inspired by Rosemary’s daily run through the fields with her two dogs in tow. The purple hogweed in among all of the shades of green in the grass on a damp, wet autumn day on Islay is simply beautiful.

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Machir Bay Range - available soon!

The Machir Bay range was inspired by one of the island’s most beautiful beaches. Rosemary and Donald have spent so many happy hours on this beach with friends and family. It is the perfect place to enjoy bracing walks in the winter, and then in the warm months of summer, lazy afternoon barbeques. The design for this range was originally created as a present for one of ‘Islay’s girls’ for her summer wedding.

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Helen Happy Heart Range

The Helen Happy Heart Range was a bit of fun inspired by the special place Islay holds for Rosemary, having moved here to be with her Happy Farmer. It is named after a favourite childhood doll, Helen Happy Heart.

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Persabus Fuchsia Range - available soon!

Persabus is surrounded by hedges filled with Fuchsia. The Fuchsia bushes were planted by Donald’s grandmother many years ago. They are part of the ‘fixtures and fittings’ of the farm. They flower all summer long. The delicate brightly coloured flowers of the Fuchsia bushes have inspired this range.

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Ardtalla Range - available soon!

Ardtalla is an Estate situated on the south east corner of Islay. A beautiful wild and rugged part of the island. The Ardtalla Range of pottery was inspired by a beautiful commission for a lovely lady from the Ardtalla Estate and based around a very old pottery design.

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Persabus Pottery Grey Lag Water Jug

The Grey Lag water jug is exclusive to Persabus. Each jug is handmade on the premises before being glazed and fired. Limited batches of the Grey Lag water jug are hand produced at Persabus. The jug is the perfect compliment for a good dram of Islay malt whisky.

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