Ground Control to the Happy Farmer Blog



Excuse me if those mighty wheels of the Persabus blog appeared to grind to a halt again

as the pottery springs into action, with days flying past at a rate of knots, it has been quite a journey this past month. Any time to blog has been swallowed up as

Blogs have been swallowed up in the pottery Studio

by those fabulous commissions, as orders have been rolling in. There’s been magazine interviews in the pottery and photos shoots. It’s been an exciting time  as the art journey continues to flow, as designs and pottery continue to evolve in happy ways.

This month I’m very excited to share all about the studio space and pottery at Persabus in an interview with the lovely Kate MacDonald of ‘The Needlesmith Magazine’.

Finally a blog to share the lovely visit to the Pottery from the passing Japanese photographer.

I am sure she just called in to browse the pottery ranges, but in no time at all her camera was out and she was clicking away. With the ease of a professional, lenses were hoicked on and off, as camera settings were carefully adjusted, to suit varying angles and heights. I did start to feel incredibly self-conscious, but equally so happy that she really liked my pieces, wanting to spend time capturing an ‘artist’ at work. Recording the different patterns and designs through the varying lights. Gathering photos ready to be pored over and edited before they head off to the lifestyle magazines of Japan, taking a tiny piece of the Hebrides to shores far away.

The Islay weather has been a very mixed bag recently

but with sun shining brightly yesterday,

The annual white washing project recommenced.

Thankfully, things have progressed big style at Persabus. The times when those painting heights were reached by the ‘old-fashioned Hebridean style’ of tying two old ladders together, are a very long and distant memory. Those were the days, when some poor soul would be left balancing on the bottom rung to keep the ladder in place, whilst dodging any AWOL splodges of paint.  One Farmer would be seen trundling his way up into the clouds above, pot of paint and brushes to hand, as if he were on some Beanstalk climbing expedition. (Please don’t try this at home, definitely not a good idea at all).

These days those old heavy paint brushes have been exchanged for a fancy motorised spraying machine, and then there’s the positively ‘space age’ piece of kit, that very happily ‘landed’ in the garden at Persabus. As Dolly arrived with the Handsome Farmer’s tele-handler. A colossal and mighty piece of machinery. With Dolly steering the ‘space machine’ from ‘ground control’, the Happy Farmer could be seen being beamed up to new heights in his life. Well as high as the chimney pots of Persabus anyway, allowing him to indulge in a spot of white washing, all from the safety of a hydraulic platform.

Freshening up the walls on the farm is like maintaining the Forth Road Bridge. Getting them all gleaming and white, before the wild winter storms batter them once more.

Yesterday then, it wasn’t just the walls that were left gleaming.

With a tad of a breeze, and the fancy new spraying machine to hand, even the Happy Farmer looked positively freshened up at the end of the day. It certainly puts a whole new perspective on ‘spray tans’, this farmer’s ‘tan’ was looking positively whiter than white!

Until next time….