The New Normal

The new normal and as the island gradually moves forward from the pandemic and lockdowns, as restrictions ease ever so gradually. We find new ways of making things work, moving forward again and ready to welcome people back safely.

The new normal at Persabus and we adopt ‘Pottery Takeaway Boxes’, allowing people to continue enjoying creative adventures.

What does this new normal entail? Risk assessments, decluttering, deep cleaning, contactless check ins, and we are ready to move forward into this strange and unchartered territory as we move onwards in the face of a pandemic.

Off With Her Head

Sometimes, don’t you just want to hide away?

Emerging from the depths of ‘lockdown’ has been a reawakening.

From all the ‘behind the scenes’ preparations, from the risk assessments followed by the deep cleans. From the de-cluttering, to the planning and the implementing. The restructuring and looking at ways of moving steadily forwards into the ‘new normal’.

As we opened the Pottery door once again this week

it has been beyond lovely to welcome back all our friends, old and new. The support from you all has been tremendous.

On Monday then I took what seemed like a huge step to ‘get out there’. To pop my head above the parapet. I had to dig deep, to find that courage. The Happy Farmer nearly fell of his chair chortling when I expressed my huge fear. Now I have got you all wondering. When it comes to posting on the island’s community’s noticeboard Facebook page I just want to hide. I avoid it at all costs. The Happy Farmer, shaking his head and grinning away, wanted to know what on earth I could possibly be so afraid of. What, popping my head above the parapet? Putting my little post ‘out there’. Well…I stopped…thought for a moment….before stating the obvious. That of course, in the event of posting, quite simply…my head could get ‘chopped off’.

I think dear readers, the Happy Farmer’s sniggers can still be heard echoing across the farm

I rarely venture on to the page to post though. I have always been incredibly careful to be respectful of this beautiful island and its old, close-knit community. I love being here, being a part of the island but am acutely aware that I am not a local. Thirty odd years of Islay living would never make me local. A lifetime of island living would never make me a local. The Happy Farmer on the other hand is one of the most ‘local of all locals’. He is part of the very fabric of the island, with a family history going back for many generations.

Why is it, as ‘creatives’, we lack so much confidence

in putting ourselves ‘out there’ and ‘up there’? I am more than happy to post away on our own ‘pages’, revelling in my little social media bubble. Why then, would my little posting cause me so much worry?

On Monday I ‘braved’ up then. Popped my post ‘out there’. Boldly advertising our new way of moving into the ‘new normal’ as a business.  And those lovely islanders, my beautiful family of friends, enveloped me in a huge warm hug of fantastic support, and those pottery ‘takeaway’ boxes have been flying off the shelves…and it’s only the third day.

If you haven’t booked your pottery takeaway box yet do get in touch

There is something quite magical about capturing a story onto ceramics. At Persabus we invite you to capture those memories onto pottery. We will then glaze and fire your pieces, sealing those happy, wonderful moments forever.

Until next time…