A Dip in the Ocean

The Happy Farmer is being kept on his toes. He has ‘lady’ issues. One of his Highland girls is procrastinating about her ‘calving duties’. On hot days she can be found dipping her hooves in the very boggy ditch to cool off. With her extra heavy gait, there is every chance she may struggle to ease herself out of the ditch, and risk getting completely ‘bogged’. At the best of times this would not be good, but heavily pregnant, there is a risk posed to cow and calf should she start calving in a ditch. Regular checks are called for as the Happy Farmer is wondering how much longer she will hold on for. Several times a day the quad bike goes racing over the hill in the hope that she has safely delivered her calf.
The last of the ‘revellers’ were rounded up this morning and clipped by the farmer and eldest. They had managed to evade ‘sheep shearing round one’, but with the continued hot weather, it was not before time those sheep got their curls trimmed to a very short back and sides. Likewise the Happy Farmer also got a much needed clip. Last week he was beginning to resemble a Potty Professor, especially when the wind swept those remaining locks into a horizontal quiff, this week those locks have been neatly ‘tamed’.
On Sunday we headed along the north east coast out towards Rhuvaal Lighthouse. What a difference a day can make. Saturday saw torrential downpours and floods on the island, by Sunday the sun was bursting out of a huge blue sky.
We headed out along the track and clambered down through the bracken to the pebble coastline. The salty seawater was just too inviting. A glistening turquoise blue. The gentle waves lapping teasingly against the shore. I was of course completely unprepared. Arriving at this beautiful bay without swimming costume or towel, but that is the beauty of Islay’s secluded coastlines. Once the fishing boat had passed, there was just us, the seals and the Oyster Catchers. It isn’t often the Sound of Islay is warm enough for a quick dip, but today I couldn’t resist. With beautiful views of Jura’s wild and rugged coastline, it is a stunning part of the island. A natural spit, stretches out into the sea, providing a perfect little sandy enclave, safe from the deeper tidal waters that rip through the heart of the Sound. Natural arches, a waterfall, a beautiful sandy bay, and just a couple of nosy seals watching on, it is what an island summer is all about.
Heading home, we clambered once more through the bracken, to reach the track, where bilberries were growing among the grasses, allowing for a quick forage. Bursting with flavour, wild bilberries, are nature’s very own treat, especially on such a hot day.
Until next time…