Cityscape…Island Dreams…

Islay is calling. City living for a short break leads me to consider all the attractions of the island I call home.

A short break, which has grown into a longer break as college interviews call for youngest.

A skyline of concrete, traffic hurtling along, smoke rising from tall chimneys, the hustle, bustle and energy of city living. So many people, so much noise, so few smiles.

I am missing my island home.

I miss the vast open space of Islay

Running freely through the fields each day with my four legged companions.

I miss the fresh air, and the breathing space this brings into my daily life.

I miss the silence and then I miss Islay’s ‘noise’

The waves crashing on the shore, the ‘roar’ of the sea in the Sound of Islay, as the tides change. The cackle of the Barnacle and White Fronted Geese as they circle overhead, displaced from their feeding grounds by a sudden noise. The birds’ chattering away in the hedgerow the Happy Farmer planted a few years back.

I miss my animals

The nosey Highland cows watching me run mindlessly through the fields. Hansel and Muffin, my daughter’s horses standing at the farm gate, waiting patiently for a scone from the farmhouse kitchen. The scent of home baking flowing from the Aga each morning. I miss Ruby and Bramble the farm dogs, and our farm tigers, Archieina, Hamishina and Doughball, the pottery cats.

I miss those huge, vibrant skies

Skies that turn my world into a creative panorama, feeding my art work. The spectacular sunrises that unfold each morning, if the weather allows and then the peaceful, calming sunsets when the day is done.

I miss my lovely little pottery studio

How passing strangers turn into friendly faces, creativity is nurtured and explored, fresh coffee is poured, and home baking devoured. I miss sharing stories, meeting people from other lands, and welcoming old friends. I miss the creative buzz and vibe that the pottery feeds into my life.

I miss those stunning Paps of Jura, as you step outside the pottery and the panorama that unfolds as you head to the farmhouse and look out across the Sound….

Islay…. what is there not to miss? See you there very shortly

Until next time….