Summer on the Farm


Summer on the farm and it’s been a week of ‘cooking with gas’ at Persabus.

which in Happy Farmer speak roughly translates as a week of happy, productivity as we fire on, ‘full steam ahead’. It has been a heady mix of work and play. The height of summer on the farm and it is a busy time as our accommodation is full of guests and on the farm the silage crops are cut and baled.

The accommodation and camping pitches at Persabus have been a hive of activity, whilst in the fields, silage bales were popping out of the back of a baler. Beach walks have been squeezed in. Family and friends were collected from ferries and planes, whilst the pottery continued to burst with creativity.

Back in the farmhouse kitchen baking has been flowing.

Breakfasts have been served, and lots of delicious tasty delights have been appearing. We absolutely love this time of year at Persabus. It is a culmination of lots hard work coming together. A time of gatherings and plenty of fun and laughter as the Happy Farmer goes about with a huge smile on his face.

Huge powerful agricultural machinery moved in to cut the fields.

Grass was spun into neat lines and then baled and wrapped before being stacked neatly, to be stored as feed for the livestock during the winter months. This made two dogs incredibly happy on their morning runs. They could be seen positively rolling down the field closely followed by the Happy Farmer. Gone were the long thick grasses and wildflowers they have spent the last few weeks wading and snuffling through, suddenly the whole field had opened up and with the grass cut to stubbly bristles rolling on ones back seemed to be the order of the day.

Then there were the long blustery, sunshiny beach walks,

with plenty of time to paddle in the deep warm pools created by the sheer force of tide and wind.

The week ended with the annual Persabus summer party.

A time for lots of singing, dancing and merriment. The Happy Farmer had his unique little ‘man cave’ all set up in the garden. Having towed the horse box into place, at the end of the decking, with his trusty old tractor, the day before. His home-made barbeque, an old singer sewing machine base, with a halved old gas bottle and grill on top, took pride of place. Archie bread delivered the rolls and the kitchen became a hive of activity as lamb burgers and beef burgers were made to the Happy Farmer’s own secret recipe. Playlists were sorted, rugs were rolled out over the wooden floors. As family and friends piled into the farmhouse armed with baking and goodies, drinks were poured, food was served, and we were indeed ‘cooking with gas’ as we partied into the wee small hours and beyond…celebrating island life at this lovely time of year…happy days

Until next time…