The village of Bowmore

A trip to Islay and Bowmore is the main village on the island. A twenty minute drive by car from Persabus, or hop on a bus. Enjoy shopping and visiting the sights of Bowmore, Islay’s only planned village. It is the main village on the island.

Food Shopping on Islay

Here you will find the main Co-op store on the island, where you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables. It is perfect for that main food shop. Staying with us at Persabus? Why not order online ? Simply pop in the postcode of Bowmore Co-op, PA43 7JN. Enjoy browsing the shelves online, then book your delivery slot.

A trip to Porter’s butcher shop and you will find fresh locally produced meat and veg. The butcher is from a local farming family and rears his own meat for the shop.

The Round Church

At the top of the hill of Main Street, Bowmore, is the iconic Round Church. Dating back to 1767, when building work began, the Round Church is still very active today, with regular community services. It is round. Built this way, so that the devil would not be able to hide in its corners.

Bowmore Distillery

Bowmore Distillery is a must visit if you are working your way around Islay’s fine malts. The friendly local team provide a warm welcome. There are a variety of tours and tastings on offer, which must be booked in advance, via the distillery’s website.

Restaurants and Shops

Bowmore is bustling with a few coffee shops, cafes, hotel restaurants and bars. There are plenty of options to tuck into a hearty ‘taste of Islay’.

Home to Islay’s outstanding Peatzeria restaurant, if you like Italian food this is definitely worth a visit. You will find a huge friendly welcome awaiting at the Bowmore Hotel. There is always a huge choice of hearty meals, with huge portions too.

Fancy a coffee, or a light bite? Bowmore also has several coffee and cake shops too. A really good Indian restaurant and a Chinese restaurant. There is certainly plenty of choice.

Swim, Sauna and Gym?

Home to the MacTaggart Leisure Centre, This fabulous building offers the luxury of a swimming pool, sauna and gym. With views out across the seas of Lochindaal, it is a calm, relaxing haven to while away the hours.

Islay Gaelic Centre

On the road into Bowmore is Ionad Chaluim Chille ile,

Islay’s Gaelic Centre. Enjoy light snacks, delicious home baking, and great coffee. The centre houses art exhibitions and offers you the opportunity to engage in the Gaelic language and heritage of Islay.

Home Time

At the end of your visit simply hop on a bus back to Keills, our local bus stop, call a local taxi, or drive home and enjoy a cosy evening at Persabus, watching the pinky glow of an Islay sunset light up the Paps of Jura and the Sound of Islay.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.