Happy Farmer Stories

The Happy Farmer has a skip in his step. We have such lovely guests staying with us on the farm just now. They love the Happy Farmer’s stories. He does seem to have his own unique way with words. I did smile listening to him sharing the story of Bramble, our collie Labrador cross, and how she is an absolute ‘pot licker’. Much to the Happy Farmer’s frustration she chooses her moment carefully to sneak away from the garden and take herself off to indulge in, what the Happy Farmer calls, a bit of fine dining, preferring the a la carte menu of the hillside. She invariably returns an hour or two later with her snout covered in soil, having spent the morning with her nose down a rabbit hole.
Or the Happy Farmer’s story recounting how a couple of German visitors called by the farm on their way to Bunnahabhain Distillery on a wet and wild day. They were absolutely ‘sodden’ and looking for somewhere to leave their kit, a couple of heavy backpacks, whilst they made their journey onwards to the distillery. In the Happy Farmer’s words they appeared with a couple of sheep each, clinging to their backs, and resembled a pair of Armadillos in the rain. He was heartened then when a few days later he bumped into the same couple in the centre of Glasgow, minus their heavy packs, and proceeded to take them to the whisky shop for some good Scottish hospitality.
Our guests this week have been enjoying the scenery and our farm location. They love animals. The Persabus menagerie have picked up on this, and as our guests admired the view from the farmhouse of the Sound of Islay, Ruby dog could be seen lying at their feet, with four legs in the air, wriggling on her back, a huge grin on her face. The cats have also found their way along to offer a warm ‘hello’. Even the Highland cows had their noses at the fence this morning to offer their welcome as our guests headed off to enjoy the north Islay distilleries just along the single-track road from Persabus.
It has been a busy time this last week getting around the logistics of our island location and relocating youngest back to university living on the mainland with her huge collection of luggage and absolute essentials. She does not believe in travelling light. We also had the logistics of getting essentials out to our son on the other side of the globe, enjoying Hong Kong living. It is great then when you have a best friend who just so happens to be stopping off for a night in Hong Kong on her way to support the Scottish rugby team in Japan. Our son seems to be getting very spoilt indeed. Last week he enjoyed fantastic hospitality from our lovely Hong Kong customers, who called by at our Islay pottery a couple of months ago. Living the high life, he was treated to an evening at a private bankers’ whisky club in one of the most spectacular buildings in Hong Kong. Such was their fantastic hospitality he now has an open invitation to call by anytime.
Islay is welcoming the world to its shores and we feel very grateful to connect with so many interesting and happy people calling by on their travels, so today if you happen to be passing, do give a wave to the Happy Farmer. He is instantly recognisable, resembling the ‘Abominable Snowman’ as he puts the finishing touches to his white washing programme, I think he must have been rolling in that paint today.
Until next time….