Islay Winter Storms

When the weather closes in as a winter storm is brewing, heading out into the elements for a run or a hike is oth bracing and refreshing. Huge winds whipped up by the storms, that whistle around the farm and it might feel like a day for hunkering down but those storms can be invigorating for the soul. Step into a blog about life on the edge of the land, as the winter storms hit Islay.

When the Wind Gobbles you up

We have been flying by the seat of our pants at Persabus

quite literally.

Living on the edge of the land.

Winter storms have raged across the landscape. Wild seas lashing against the coastline. Ferries battling huge waves to keep our lifeline service running.

Sometimes when you look out of the window on a grey day as the wind howls around you it is a ‘thought’.

To muster up that ‘get up and go’

To ‘climb’ out of the warmth and comfort of ‘home’ and face the elements in their full ferocity.

The daily run with the Persabus dogs is a challenge in many ways when those storms set in. The sheer wall of energy from the raging gales means an extra ‘push’ to make any headway. The icy cold wind biting. Forcing its way through my many layers, sharp teeth on my cheeks and nose.

A change of direction and I am suddenly thrust forwards as the gales literally threaten to whip me off my feet and carry me along in their wake. My little legs madly trying to keep up. Adding an extra workout to what started off as a gentle ‘jog’.

Why then would I be so bonkers?

What on earth am I thinking of? Everyone asks.

A run fully immersed in those elements, in the very depths of a freezing cold winter, leaves you invigorated, tingling and just ready to flow. Total immersion is as good as those wild swims in calmer weather. The refreshing glow of the freezing temperatures and then the heat of a hot shower back at the farmhouse, and it just sets me up for the day.

In the pottery

colourful hearts and flowers have been emerging as I revisit the Helen Happy Heart range. Escapism from any grey wet day outside this range is all about bright, bold colour.

At Persabus the farmhouse is always filled with flowers. Often big and blousy wild bouquets gathered from the hillside and mixed with beautiful flowers from my Happy Farmer.

In the summer months the flowerbeds and old stone troughs are alive with the vibrant colour and scent of floral displays. The Helen Happy Heart range is all about happy colourful hearts and flowers. Capturing my love for my island home. It is a range that makes me smile. I hope it makes you smile too.

Sending you a big bit of Islay love from Persabus.

Until next time….