The Abominable Snowman and the Snow cat

Easter has arrived, and the farm is buzzing with guests and visitors.

The Happy Farmer has been busy delivering cooked breakfast to our campers. Those campers have a gorgeous tepee style tent. The kind of tent that makes me feel it should have a resident storyteller. The lovely couple staying in the tent know all about ‘glamping’, and the tent was even twinkling in the moonlight with fairy lights. This morning they were sitting at the picinc benches reading books and taking in the vista in the sunshine. Apparently, they had a lodger last night, a furry, four-legged lodger, who snuggled up and spent the night ‘glamping’ with them. However, this guest did not stay for breakfast, preferring to venture over to the farmhouse where she demanded five-star treatment as always. Archieina, our lovely kitty, is already getting into the spirit of welcoming our guests and checking whether they are cat or dog friendly, or whether they are happier without the company of resident pets. Doughall, our old cat has always been a professional at this service. She quickly makes her presence known if she happens upon ‘cat friendly’ guests, and it wouldn’t be the first time she has spent the week living in one or other of our holiday cottages. We, of course do go looking for her, but she does usually make an appearance at meal times, although at Hogmanay she got locked in the Cottage with our guests and no amount of miaowling could make them realise that she was hungry and needing home. Luckily when I asked if they had seen her, our lovely guest assured me she had moved in with them. They were mortified then when I asked if she had been fed. Doughball immediately got dispensed to the farmhouse had a much-needed bite of food, before returning to her visitors.

The pottery has been busy too. Youngest has been baking delicious treats, with almond and coconut sponge, brownies, scones and banana, carrot muffins. We have had some lovely painting workshops and there has been plenty of coffee and chat. One thing people are always fascinated by is how I came to live on the island. Yesterday there I was happily relaying the story of how I was swept off my feet, literally, by the Happy Farmer, when in he walks, looking like a mix between a jolly green giant and the Abominable Snowman. Anyone who has spent much time in the pottery will know I am forever chiding him for walking in looking like a jolly green giant, dressed head to toe in farming regalia. From the green wellies, to the thick waterproof trousers, to the green coat, with the overflowing pockets, a large green cap perched on top of his head. Yesterday though this green giant was covered in huge splats of snowcem and somehow the Abonimable Snowman look didn’t quite fit with the ‘being swept off my feet’ story.

Later Archieina also crept into the farmhouse looking remarkably like a snow cat, a large white streak down her back intermingled with several splodges along her coat, she too had been playing with the snowcem.

On a happy note, then, I now have a beautiful gleaming farmhouse, whitewashed from top to bottom with matching gleaming white farm cottages, also whitewashed from top to bottom. You’ve got to love a hard-working happy farmer.

Until next time……