An Islay Spring

At Persabus we have gone from a steady ‘first gear up to fifth gear’ in a matter of days. Spring has arrived and the farm is buzzing with visitors and guests.

The pottery has been full of energy and creativity. We have welcomed back so many lovely regulars, with Persabus Pottery being a firm fixture on their Islay holiday ‘bucket list’.

Cake stands have been brimming with freshly prepared sandwiches and home baking. Kilns have been loaded, emptied and reloaded as beautiful pieces have been designed by visitors wanting to capture their holiday memories on brightly painted mugs, cups, plates and bowls. We have had dragons, cats, unicorns and horses glistening from the kiln. It is always an exciting time when the kiln door is opened to reveal the hidden treasures when the final glossy glaze has been set. Pottery orders have been flowing as people’s collections grow and evolve.

On the farming front, thankfully those ‘ladies’ heeded the Happy Farmer’s stern warning and except for a couple of sets of twins, the threatened lambing explosion hasn’t happened yet. Those babies are staying snug, as the heavily pregnant sheep, laze in the warmth of the spring sunshine. The Happy Farmer has another week or so before the maternity wards of the farm spring to life.

So today I took advantage of the beautiful sunny skies. With the fabulous Charlotte running the pottery for me on Mondays I was able to take off through the fields and along the track with Ruby dog in tow. I headed through the woods, enjoying the peace and quiet. Ruby got her much needed ‘dip’ in the cool waters of Lily Loch. With the arrival of spring and lots of fresh scents, she is making the most of rolling in everything and anything. She seems to think ‘the smellier the better’. A trip to the ‘watering hole’ and she was soon immersed in the glistening waters of the Loch and happily retrieving sticks, her smiling muzzle just peeping out above the ripples.

At this time of year, it is the little things, the vibrant pockets of colour that are beginning to appear, changing the landscape, with the awakening of spring. The primroses are all in flower across the fields and hillsides, their yellow petals lighting up the land. Bluebells and celandines line the woodland paths. On the bushes in the hedgerows the vivid green of new buds bursting into the beginnings of tiny hawthorn leaves. The air is filled with the happy chatter of birdsong.

Until next time…