Easing of Lockdown


As we move forward there is supposed to be a gradual easing out of lockdown.

‘Supposed’ as the Islay whisky gods seem to be going against this latest guidance. We have been spoilt with weeks of beautiful sunshine. Just as the Scottish Government gave the go ahead for socially distanced get togethers outdoors at the weekend, the heavens opened and the rain ‘plooped’ down. The skies darkened and those midges came out to play…and the game was a ‘bogey’. Garden gatherings had to be postponed.

Distilleries need water to produce whisky and the flora and fauna need water to grow, so it would be selfish to deny those clouds a bit of a passing flutter on their way by. As blueness began to stretch across the horizon, thankfully the sunshine was on its way.

On morning runs

the fields are a blaze with a carpet of vibrant yellow buttercups and the heavenly scent of clover. The hedgerows are alive with the noisy chatter of the birds, as they swoop in and out of their new shelter belt of leaves and blossoms.

The dogs and I have a daily companion too, in the form of a dive-bombing swallow. The field below the byre where I run has become a nursery for fledgling birds. Flying lessons seem to be the new outdoor activity on offer in the fields of Persabus. The swallow’s mission is to ‘shoo’ me out of the field as quickly as possible, but I simply cannot run any faster. Of course, at this point I must pop a plug in for our ‘Below the Byre’ pottery range, based on autumn runs through this fabulous wilderness, maybe a ‘Summer Below the Byre’ range will be following soon?

The cuckoos’ ‘goodbye echoes’ could be heard across the fields this week. Such is their happy holiday at Persabus they seem to be extending their stay on the farm each spring, arriving a little earlier each year and leaving it to the last possible minute before they head off for distant shores.

On the farm we have been busy carrying out risk assessments

on all our properties and going through the new cleaning guidelines with a ‘fine comb’. Cleaning protocols have been upgraded accordingly, and there is hand sanitiser springing up everywhere, to ensure the safety of all of our lovely future visitors, guests and staff.

Lots of exciting changes have been happening behind the scenes.

Our new online pottery shop is due to go live soon.

Here you will be able to browse your way through our ranges and shop to your heart’s content, with the option to get in touch with any additional orders or commissions as usual.

Do keep an eye on our social media posts for updates’

The pottery studio will be opening shortly, for pottery sales only, and initially we would ask customers to email or phone if they wish to call by and we can arrange a suitable time for a visit.

As we move forward with the ‘new normal’, in the short term we are going to be introducing pottery ‘take aways’, replacing in-house pottery painting workshops. Boxed pottery painting kits will be available to pre order online and collect safely from our showroom. Once painted pieces can be returned to the pottery for glazing and firing. They will then be posted out, or collected a day or so later.

On the farm we have revamped the accommodation options on offer.

Do visit the accommodation pages of our website for more information and get in touch if you have any questions. We are always happy to help and will work with you to tailor make a holiday at Persabus that suits your needs.

At present we are moving forwards with caution, keeping in touch with all our guests and look forward to hopefully welcoming them back later in the season.

At this time, we want to work closely alongside Calmac and Loganair, who have supported us so well during this crisis with their lifeline service. We will await their updates and Scot Gov guidance. We definitely do not want to leave Calmac, in the Happy Farmer’s words, ‘to be the island’s sheep shedder/buffer’. Do head to their website for the latest updates.

We are looking forward to Islay being able to gradually open. It feels such a long time since we began lockdown.

Going forward, based on Scot Gov advice, Calmac and our local community we will hopefully be able to offer you a warm hearty welcome to stay on our beautiful family farm at Persabus soon, in the meantime do get in touch with any questions.

Stay safe.

Until next time…