A Prickly Issue…

I am thinking of selling the Happy Farmer in the pottery. He appears to draw the crowds. Every time I post a photo of him on our facebook pages he gets over 100 likes in just a few hours, drawing more attention than some of the pottery ranges online, such is his ‘online popularity’.

I do love social media and the contact it gives with the world beyond. The internet for me has been the icing on the cake to island living. That is when you have a good internet connection, which thankfully we do have at Persabus. Could it be down to all those cups of coffee the Happy Farmer shares with the Openreach boys?

We have been busy working behind the scenes on the farm with all the ‘buzz terms’ that now come with running a business, ‘marketing, listings, promotions’ and so on.  ‘Buzz terms’ that we never thought about before, have arrived in our lives over the past few years. This year we have a new website and glossy new signs for Persabus bearing our new logo thanks to my amazing nephew, who as a graphic designer, was able to email a design to me before I had even processed what a logo was.

Last week then the Happy Farmer was busy putting up new signs outside the pottery and at the road end. It was meant to be a quick hour or so but seemed to take the morning. The Happy Farmer got half ’mauled’ trimming the hedge to improve the sign’s visibility. Hawthorn, Blackthorn and generally anything ending with a ‘thorn’, battled with the Happy Farmer and held up proceedings, that and the fact that he stopped for several ‘blethers’. He arrived back for lunch then with more news than our local Ileach newspaper prints in a fortnight. It seems putting up a road sign is quite a social event where the Happy Farmer is concerned. Community spirit runs strong at Persabus and the Happy Farmer took it upon himself to have a hearty wee chat with all the passing vehicles and owners that he could manage to stop. For those of you who know the Happy Farmer the battle with the thorns and the battle with the chat and patter will hardly be surprising.

Whilst I am busy on social media then catching up with friends and family, I mean, promoting the pottery and accommodation pages, the Happy Farmer does not really do computers, he much prefers the old-style face to face ‘hearty crack’. Persabus signs all erected and looking good, he is forgiven for taking a little longer….I hope you like the new signs.

Until next time….