Islay Gifts

Are you looking for the perfect Islay gift? Persabus Pottery now offers an online shopping experience, allowing you to browse and buy gifts from our Islay pottery. Enjoy the range of unique and original ceramics on sale. Getting the online shop off the ground was a lovely journey, guided by all of you fabulous people who continue to support me in my venture.

It has reached the time to get our Islay pottery shop online.

The Persabus Department Store

Whoever thought it would take soooo long?

These past few weeks when the Happy Farmer has enquired why I am running round like a headless chicken, in between spending hours googly eyed in front of a computer screen, my response has been

‘Well, I’m opening a department store!’

He simply smiles and hands me more tea and coffee.

It has been a monumental effort as I have been flying over those huge hurdles to get the shop all finalised, juggling photography, marketing, writing, uploading, downloading, as I fumble my way through the world of website design.

The Persabus clan have as always, been in the background supporting my latest endeavour.

Every day, in between painting in the studio, as people call by, I can be seen carrying pottery back and forth across to the Persabus photography studio. It is a very grand studio. The sort of studio photographers would swoon at. It is also known as a drystone dyke, at the side of the single-track road, with views across the fields to the Sound of Islay. I didn’t quite manage to squeeze the views in to the photos but am pretty pleased with the overall results. If you are canny and look at my photography skills carefully you might even be able to ascertain the different seasons in each photo.

Photography at the roadside at Persabus can be a frustrating at times and comes with its own hazards.

This is especially true when the ‘clan’ make an appearance to help

Yesterday before I knew, it, ceramic tealight poised in ‘perfect’ position on the wall, the ‘higgeldy piggeldy’ nature of an old drystone dyke does mean the positioning of a piece is crucial, the camera was all set to go, and my ‘helpers’ arrived. Hamishina, one of the Persabus cats, chose this moment  to put in an appearance to see what all the fuss was about. I think the piece was from her favourite Persabus Pottery design. She posed happily thinking the camera was for her benefit. A bit of cat photo bombing later and she decided the pottery looked good enough to eat, sniffing and nuzzling the piece, before threatening to head the ball, I mean tea light, off the wall. This was the moment that Ruby dog decided to make her appearance and came bouncing down the road. A huge grin on her face, tail wagging happily.

As I made my way back and forth from the pottery studio, arms filled with goodies, across the road to the drystone dyke, I suddenly had two faithful companions at my heels. Thankfully no sheep, highland cows or horses joining the queue today though.

No amount of pleading with Ruby to ‘get to the garden’ was going to work

My lovely flatcoat was in her element to be pinned to my side. Hamishina took it upon herself to jump onto the wall to accompany each piece of pottery, until in the end, the game was a bogey. Dogs, cats, pottery, and the threat of the odd car passing alongside, and I had to call it a day and head to the farmhouse, much to the delight of my two companions. They duly followed me back into the warmth ready for a bowl of tasty food before curling up on their respective beds for a cosy sleep at the fireside.

On a positive note, the photos have been done.  The blurb has been written as I got to share the stories behind each range and piece, and I am really excited to be sharing the new shop with you over the next couple of days.

There is a ‘contact us’ button to place orders, and for any enquiries, because the beauty of my shop is it isn’t a department store, and I am not a factory. I do not do mass produced and am very happy to take orders as every piece is completely unique, intricately painted by hand with my own designs inspired by living on this beautiful island.

Do keep an eye and have a look at my art as I capture the huge open skies, the turquoise seas, the flora and fauna of this magical place.

It has been an exciting rollercoaster of a ride.

Thank you all for your patience. For all the email enquiries, messages, and photos back and forth, as we finalise and sort orders. Your fantastic support of me and my business has led me to this next exciting step. It will make the process of online buying at Persabus Pottery a much simpler affair. A click of a button, a ‘cart’, just like the ones your mum used to push you along the aisles of the supermarket in, which you can place your pottery in, and the good news at this point is, it won’t break in this virtual online cart, and then with a click it’s bought and we will post it away to you. We are also excited to be offering local collection from the pottery.

The pottery showroom is open and as always, a warm welcome awaits you.

We are open six days a week from Monday to Friday from 12noon until 4pm and on Saturday from 12noon until 3pm.

Christmas pottery boxes being launched next week and here is the link to the Persabus online shopping experience…