The Persabus Nativity

Persabus is rocking and rolling with Christmas just around the corner. With youngest home for the festivities the baking has been flowing. Oranges, lemons and limes have been sliced, studded with cloves and dried in the Aga. We have been out collecting foliage for the mantle pieces and table decorations. The last of the pottery orders for Christmas have been posted away. A final kiln firing is being prepared for Saturday. Ardbeg Distillery staff called by for a ‘wee jolly’ in the pottery this morning on their way to Ardnahoe Distillery. The Happy Chappies from down the road popped in just in time for the party too and we had a special VIP guest in the form of a cardboard Mickey Heads Can Caning his way through the assembled throng. I missed the ‘gathering’ but with the Happy Farmer at ‘the helm’ he assures me a good time was had by all and with Persabus being the ‘gateway to the north Islay distilleries’ the happy throng will be calling by on their ‘charity walk’ back from Ardnahoe Distillery for another ‘wee jolly’ later. It is indeed the season to be ‘jolly’.

Archie bread will call at the farm today to deliver the turkey and trimmings in time for the festivities and the Happy Farmer’s ‘cousin’ from Portnahaven will be appearing with extra cake and feed for the animals. It has also been rumoured that a couple of lobsters will be finding their way up the hill courtesy of the Jura ferryman. Our son arrived home and is off to Bruichladdich Distillery for Laphroaig’s ‘wee jolly’. It is good to see the troops enjoying the festive spirit after all the hard work throughout the year.

The Happy Farmer is getting into the Christmas spirit and has been busy building a stable. Even the sheep are intrigued. With the animals all looking on and enjoying the entertainment of the Happy Farmer’s latest project it is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas at Persabus. Whilst I am awaiting the full-blown nativity performance, the Happy Farmer assures me, he is just putting the finishing touches to a shelter for the horses. I was impressed to see the stable has its very own unique ‘Happy Farmer Turner Art’ piece attached. A heavy nautical winch from yesteryear, with chains attached to it as anchor points, lies neatly at the back of the stable to prevent storm damage when the gales hit. It seems we hopefully won’t be getting a Persabus ‘Wizard of Oz’ moment this Christmas either then. The winch weighs an absolute ton. It had at one point been modified to house its own engine, having been transported to Islay after the Wyre Majestic, a Fleetwood trawler, was shipwrecked near to Bunnahabhain Distillery. My late father in law and friends had the salvage rights to the trawler and the winch was brought over to transport heavy items from the trawler across to the shore. It has come out of the Happy Farmer’s treasured ‘shed possessions’ and is now serving its new purpose as a heavy weight to hold the stable firmly in place.

We are looking forward to welcoming family, friends and guests over the festive period. There is a gorgeous scent of pine throughout the house now the tree has gone up. The Christmas decorations are up and presents are getting wrapped as we celebrate and enjoy the mayhem and madness of the festive season.

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Christmas from all of us at Persabus.

Until next time…