Farmer Exits to the Mainland….

The Happy Farmer exited to the mainland this week and I was left sailing ‘The Good Ship Persabus’. 

The animals always seem to know when the farmer’s away. I have come to realise this as things always seem to go a bit pear shaped in his absence. 

Yesterday I was getting along just fine. Breakfasts had been served and I had helped our lovely guests plan an exciting day of walks and tours. Laundry, change overs and ironing  had been sorted. Fires were lit, lunches and afternoon teas served in the pottery, pieces were glazed ready for firing. New guests were welcomed in. Lambs were checked. Horses were fed, the dogs had their long walk through the drive in the sunshine and just as I sat down at last to my own lovely tea I looked out of the French windows to see an ‘escapee’ in the garden. Muffin, the cheeky pony, had circumnavigated his way over a fence and through two gates, which he had knocked flat, and then skipped into the garden to call by for a visit and a tasty bite of fresh grass. Tea had to be abandoned into the Aga as I knew Muffin would not stay in the garden for long. He quite likes to venture across the road for a visit to the pottery and campsite if the opportunity arises. In fact the Distillery Manager from Ardnahoe knocked at the door bright and early the other day as Muffin and Hansel were happily standing as the Persabus welcoming committee happily munching their way through the grass at the roadside the other day. We are reaching the season where the Happy Farmer gets his ride on lawn mower out of hibernation and whiles away the hours driving in circles round the gardens and verges all in the name of work. It is of course an occupation saved for the warmest sunniest of days.  Luckily then the horses decided to step in as our temporary lawn mowers. 

Following several mayday calls for assistance and finding there was no one on hand to help I did finally manage to gingerly coax Muffin back to barracks with a rather large pink bucket and a scoop of sugar beet. An easy task for most but those horses are acutely aware of my fear of them. A struggle and tussle with two heavy gates, a bit baler twine and a wooden pallet to try and build a barricade the Happy Farmer would be proud of and tea was back on the menu. 

Thankfully morning came and Muffin and Hansel were happily in their field. Breakfasts were a delight and the Happy Farmer arrived home smiling off the first plane. 

Until next time…