Sending Over Some Islay Sea Air


Who else has been shimmying and jiving their way through the very beginnings of 2022

as the weeks begin to flow, and the blank canvas of another exciting year really starts to unfold?

Did you miss the blog posts?

Did you even notice how they had jumped onto the ‘back burner’ for a while? Well here I am at last, sending over some beautiful Islay sea air to you.

My absence was not intentional

but as October, slipped gracefully into November, then on, seamlessly into December, time seemed to pass and overtake me at some rate of knots, such was the madness of a busy end to the year. Such was the beauty of Islay’s sea air, as any free time and I was drawn to the beaches over the headland.

That crazy Christmas season, it catches me every time, sweeping me up and carrying me along, as

my arms and legs seem to grow octopus tentacles

as I multi-task my way through the exciting preparations for the festivities.

Faithful pottery kilns fire away constantly, each day delivering more glossy, shiny pieces ready to be posted out across the country. That fantastic support from all our lovely visitors to my little online emporium. A sea of baubles, each with their own Islay inspired story, carefully tied with colourful ribbons, transporting us into the magic of the season with all its trimmings.

Then, there is also that wonderful ‘excuse’ to enjoy more time connecting with you all, as social media and website journeys grow arms and legs, in the darkness of short winter days, as indoor living takes over once more.

I enjoy transporting you along with us on our adventures

as we capture those special moments to share with you.

The beautiful vibrant colours of an Islay winter, enticing us on, as we leave the cosy comfort of the farmhouse behind. Heading out into the stormy weather. The promising glow of the winter sun melting in those huge, open skies, above angry, choppy, seas. The oranges, browns, and yellows of the peaty, boggy headland, set against those deep blue skies, as we wade our way across burns, raging their way down the hillside, and on we clamber, precariously, to the sea.

On grey days, the refreshing spray of mizzle and drizzle

The magic of oyster catchers, picking at the shoreline, as a heron takes flight. A couple of stags watching us from a far. The beady eyes and ‘attitude’ of the ‘raggedy taggedy’ sheep following our journey. The magic just spurs us on, knowing that on those hikes, however grey the day, across the headland, nature comes out to play.

Back at the farmhouse

soggy jackets and socks are peeled off, then it’s that warm, refreshing glow of rosy cheeks and windswept hair, as we dry off in front of the heat of a roaring fire.

It’s the time spent playing with images, and words, holding on to that ‘Islay time’, all under the happy guise of ‘marketing’, as website pages grow and social media stories unfold. A time for more painting, and more creating, as

I get whipped along on creative adventures,

getting to share with you, the beauty of this quiet season.

Which just leaves me to thank you for guiding me on to clamber over those hills, through the peaty mossy bogs, and down to the shore.

For encouraging me to sit for just a while longer among the white shells and coral on my favourite beach. Listening to the ebb and flow of the waves lifting the pebbles back and forth. To really envelope myself in the magic of just a little more ‘Islay time’, just so I could really capture that refreshing sea air, and send it over to you, inviting you to share in our journey.

Which just leaves me to ask?

Have you booked your Islay time yet?

Until next time….