An Islay Summer and it’s Mermaid Living

A beautiful Islay Summer arrives

with a huge dynamic burst of heady heat.  

Cerulean blue skies reaching far and wide, and the island has been bathed in the most soothing golden sunshine. With temperatures soaring it has been a time for outdoor living and making the most of all that an Islay summer brings.

Finding a quiet corner to just be, to sit and write, has proved a challenge. 

The sand and the seas have been calling and mermaid living has taken over  

With our fabulous ‘barbeque king’, the Happy Farmer’s cousin, and lovely family, over for an island holiday, we have been cramming in as much as possible before, at the end of the day, that huge ball of pink light melts slowly away, and the midges come out to play. 

Immersing yourself in an Islay summer and the island’s beaches have become the perfect playground for socially distanced family get togethers.  

The delicious scent of burgers and steaks sizzling away on a small fire built in the handy nook of the rocks, listening to the hum of the waves breaking gently on the shore.  

Hot, soft sand massaging those tired feet  

Paddling the length of each sandy bay, enjoying those long summer days. The cooling waters washing away the madness of a busy day in the pottery. Finally giving in. Even though each visit I promised myself faithfully I would not ‘give in’. Would not wander back, yet again, with ever so soggy, sandy, wet clothes. However, each time, I simply could not resist.  

The warmth of the day, the inviting waves coolly breaking across my toes.  

Each time, the Islay summer ‘gets me’, encourages me, leads me on, and soon, I would find myself just having to dive in to those beautiful turquoise seas. The refreshing ‘zing’ of cold salty sea water caressing the heat of the day away. The calming effect of simply floating in the gentle ripple of the waves. Truly relaxing, allowing the gentle ebb and flow of the sea to carry me softly back to shore, before racing back in once again, for just one more swim, or maybe two. 

With Atlantic coast lines and dangerous rip tides and currents,

not every beach is suitable for swimming on Islay. 

In the past weeks we have been truly spoilt though. With swims in the bays of Lochindaal, and the shallow waters of the Sound, to amazingly deep rock pools at Machir, left by the tides. The ultimate however was nature’s own infinity pool. Formed at the edge of the sea, as the tide gradually went out. A deep sandy pool, it was quite simply too inviting not to float away in. 

 In the coolness of the old stone pottery walls,

like a child in a sweetie shop, it has been a time for ‘playing’. So many colours, so many brushes and sponges, enjoying the thickness of paint and colour. All the while capturing those stories and memories onto pottery. 

Island living at its very best 

To enjoy your own island adventures

do get in touch. Mermaid life, farm living, sunrises, sunsets and a beautiful island ‘home from home’, with a warm friendly welcome awaiting you, here, at Persabus. We look forward to seeing you soon. 

Until next time…