Nesting On Islay

Each year on the farm in the spring, the air becomes filled with the lively chirruping of birds. The shelter of the hedges we planted around the fields have attracted a huge range of wildlife and birdlife. Nesting is on the agenda as birds can be seen busy disappearing into the nooks and crannies of teh old drystone walls around the farm buildings.

The Happy Farmer has had a challenging mission.

Apparently, our son was keeping a few ‘birds’ tucked in behind one of the upstairs walls. Those birds were keeping him awake at all hours of the night. At this point I must hasten to add these birds are of the feathered variety.
They make their appearance at Persabus each spring. Usually they manage to win the race against the Happy Farmer and get their nest built, tucked in securely behind the eaves at the top of the wall head, before he can get near. A nest all neatly prepared and cosily made, with a large helping of fluffy sheep’s wool, before being laden with tiny eggs. Of course, once the nest is built the Happy Farmer’s mission must be abandoned. Each year it gets incredibly noisy once those eggs have hatched and the nests are filled with hungry chicks cheeping for food. Each year the Happy Farmer promises to catch them earlier next spring.
This year then, with no guests and more time,

The Happy Farmer was well ahead of the game.

As soon as those birds made their presence felt, with lots of commotion, as they happily chirruped with excitement to be back home at their old nesting spot, and the Happy Farmer was on to them. Ladder poised against the wall, the Happy Farmer hoisted himself up those rungs, high into the air. It was a job for the cement mixer as the eaves were carefully blocked off long before any nest building had begun.
I did suggest we leave a bird box instead for those mating pairs, but the Happy Farmer pointed out that there are many nooks and crannies, in the various old stone walls of the steadings around the farm.

Persabus provides more than ample nesting opportunities for those birds

as each year we welcome a whole variety of feathered guests to enjoy the various buildings on the farm. Just now the whole place is alive and buzzing with excited chatter as birds can be seen gleefully and busily flying back and forth. Beaks brimming with twigs and wool, as they disappear into cracks in the old stone walls build high above. The prying eyes of the farmhouse cats, watching their every move, skulking around at the ready. Nests built just in time for the cuckoo, who is no doubt on her way, making the long journey across to Islay, ready to lay her eggs in the freshly prepared nests in May.

I hope you all had a good egg hunt this Easter.

Made beautiful art on those hard-boiled eggs and enjoyed rolling them down the hills.
Happy Easter from all of us at Persabus. Hopefully next April the farm will also be buzzing with guests to the farmhouse and cottages and visitors to the Pottery. This Easter we thank you for choosing to stay safe, to stay home, to protect the community and yourselves.
Until next time…