Why Islay?

A group of people jumping on the sand

Why Islay?

It is a discussion I often have with our guests on the farm, and the lovely customers who visit my pottery studio at Persabus. What brings you to Islay?

And what keeps you coming back for more?

Man paddling in the sea

We just love welcoming so many visitors back to Persabus each year.

As once unfamiliar faces, turn into hearty friendships, and our island visitors become an important and valued part of the wider Islay community.

Islay is like a huge warm hug, that fills you with a feeling of wellness

As you step off the plane, or the ferry, enjoy feeling the stress of life just melt away.

Soon you will be enveloped in that huge, warm island welcome. Enjoy the feeling of being swept off your feet, and whisked away into Islay time.

From the crisp, fresh air, which

Just like the island’s fine malt whiskies, has many delicious layers

Saltiness, sweetness, and hidden under tones of peaty smoky notes. Blowing in from the Atlantic Ocean the sea air mingles with the sweet scent of the wild flowers, the bog myrtle and whin. Smoke from the peat fires lingers in the air on cooler days. Near the distilleries, the fragrant scent of whisky distilling in huge copper stills.

Immerse yourself in the sensory journey of island life. Feel the traffic fumes and pollution of city life evaporate away into mainland living.

Enjoy the breaking waves on the shoreline. Then the silence and stillness. The gentle bleating of sheep. As the sounds simply feed the soul.

Sheep and lamb

There’s the friendly Islay Wave

No you do not have a flat tyre, and it wasn’t a case of mistaken identity! Part of fabulous island life is the friendly wave and smile from passing cars. The islanders are waving and smiling at you, as you are welcomed into the heart of Islay community life.

Expect lots of smiles, questions and hearty banter.

Escape to beautiful deserted wildernesses, then enjoy sharing those stories and adventures. The islanders listen, so enjoy a discussion over a dram, as you rest those weary feet after a day well spent.

Staying at Persabus

Stay with us on the farm. Step into comfortable cosy accommodation on our working hill farm.

Highland cow

Enjoy meeting the characters, from our hairy Highland cows, to our native Hebridean sheep. Watch as those farm cats stretch and relax in the sunshine of the yard. Our horses are never far away. Do give them a bit of fuss and attention as they stretch their long necks over the gate.

The Happy Farmer is quite a character too

Well known across the island, as he happens to be from one of the oldest families. He has that lovely sense of beautiful island humour, mixed with oodles of charm. He is on hand to help with any questions you may have during your stay, but if he tells you he breeds tartan sheep don’t believe a word of it.

A man on a motorbike

We designed and built our farm accommodation with you in mind.

From our unique traditional stone built cottages, to the farmhouse bed and breakfast suite, a very warm welcome awaits.

Farmhouse and steadings

Why Islay? I think the magic is in the adventure awaiting.

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