An Islay Summer Break

We have been swept up on the crest of a wave as July living carried us into the hurly burly dance of an island summertime and then led us on into August.

Capturing the magic of an Islay Summer Break

As the island is immersed in the summer holiday season. Enjoy a guided tour of the beauty of an Islay Summer break, oh and don’t forget to book that stay with us at Persabus!

As, in the summer Islay is bubbling with happy, relaxed people, enjoying some ‘Islay time’

Just as you thought that the mighty Persabus blog was slipping away off the face of my trusty laptop know that the words have been whirring round in my head but have had to travel with me into the fast lane of island living. The days blurred in that beautiful shimmering sunshine.

The Heady Scents of Wild Flowers

As the senses are ignited on those morning runs through the fields as wildflowers light up the path. Beautiful pops of vibrant yellows, and creams, intermingled with vivid purple orchids.

The salty sea air clinging in the skies as the heatwave has given way to a fresh breeze and the hedges and trees enjoyed a much needed, although short lived, misty spray of drizzle and mizzle.

Everything is bursting with life.

Smiley, happy people can be seen walking, running, exploring, splashing

in those waves. Blobbing, and bobbing in that glorious sunshine.

Paddle boards hover over the still waters of Lochindaal, almighty squawks and huge smiles as they topple, a necessary part of the adventure and fun.

Cyclists wobble along the roads, heavy panniers clinging from the back of their saddles, as others zoom past with the freedom and style of Olympic champions.

Smoke signals rise from the barbeques at Saligo

beckoning us to laze for just a little longer, enjoying the warm golden sands, as juicy steaks and succulent chicken never tasted so good. Beach life grows the appetite, and the calming waters, glistening in the heat, make for the perfect spot for a bite of supper.

Those mackerel are positively jumping from sea to boat, and the lochs are filled with trout

A time for adventuring, and the Happy Farmer seeks them out. Happening upon a weekend of wild camping expeditions, and we were soon supping on fresh cockles steamed on an open fire enjoying the sunny shores of Killinallan with friends.

Then that

refreshing ‘buzz’ of immersing the body into those cool salty waters

before walking across miles of white sandy beaches with the gentle waves washing across the shore. Inquisitive seals, out to play, as they follow our journey.

It has been a magical time of welcoming

family, friends, guests and more to the farm at Persabus.

Tonsils have been tickled regularly, ‘sticks’ hoicked, poked and prodded up those nostrils, as regular lateral flow testing has become a part of the normal routine. All doing our bit to keep everyone as safe as possible, allowing at last just a little bit more of a social norm, as the clans have gathered once more.

In the pottery

the kilns have been firing on all cylinders, with pottery boxes coming and going, with a steady stream of lovely customers.

It has been a time of madness, with ‘Instagram takeovers’, magazine interviews, and impromptu photo shoots. The juggling of orders, those special commissions, keeping that stock flowing, whilst allowing for creative play. A time of welcoming so many lovely people back again, and all before the magic of that ‘beach time’ glow, a glow that takes us late into those long summer nights.

Everything ups a gear at this magical time of year

Just as the flies and bees are buzzing, the hedges are bursting with blooms, and the birdsong and chatter couldn’t get any louder. The days stretch on forever and still don’t seem long enough to make the most of this truly amazing season.

Have you booked your Islay time yet?

A warm welcome awaits, as always, from the whole gang at Persabus.

Until next time….