Enjoying Islay Time


As we stepped out to enjoy experience our Islay time

There is something just mesmerizing

when after a long, hot trek across Islay’s wild and rugged landscape, suddenly the vista unfolds.

The steep climb, trudging through the heather and bog myrtle, a herd of deer spying on your every move.

The heat of the day and as you climb over the hill

and the view unfolds. First, it’s just a teasing glimpse of the sea in the distance. Then as you gradually descend, the fresh, crisp, sea air hits you, and way down below you can see the whitest of sands being bathed by turquoise waters. The fresh white froth of the waves uncurling as they gently lap to shore.

This is Bàgh An Dà Dhoruis beach

translated from the Gaelic to the ‘Bay of two Doors’. Jagged rock formations rise from the huge white expanse of sand. Huge cliffs with deep inviting caves carved into the rock. The sound of the sea, as a few sanderlings skip along the shoreline.

A deserted bay. A tricky climb down, as bracken, rocks and uneven terrain make the journey slow, when really you just want to hurl yourself onto that beach, race down the hill like a child.

Boots abandoned

thick socks peeled from your feet, and then the bliss as the soft sand gently massages the soles, the clammy heat disappearing, as underfoot the surface hardens as you step towards the waters’ edge. The soothing, refreshing, cooling of those feet, rewarded at last for their huge hike, as the icy sea envelopes them. The sun glistening down and dancing across the waves. The solitude, the quiet, peaceful tranquillity with blueness stretching ahead as far as the eye can see, as huge blue skies melt into the blue seas below.

The inspiration is endless

The many beautiful patterns and colours of the sand, the rocks, the waves, as the skies meet the sea, and the sea meets the land, and the story unfurls back in the pottery studio. A moment in time, captured through gentle brush strokes, the mixing of colours, dabbing the brushes from paint to ceramics. Lost in this beautiful island. Enjoying its calm serenity.

Step back and enjoy a little Islay time

At Persabus Pottery art is translated onto ceramics, with each piece carefully painted by hand, each range with its own story to share. In the workshop, the painted ceramics are hand glazed, then left to dry, before being sponged ready to be lifted gently into the kiln. The layers and shelves of the kiln are carefully built around each piece with every firing. It is here the magic happens, when the kiln is finally cool enough to open once more. Pieces are gently unloaded then taken across to the studio and photographed for our online shop, ready for you to enjoy.

Pieces of art, inspired by island life

capturing those colours, patterns, and memories onto ceramics for you to take home and enjoy…bringing a little piece of the Hebrides into your home.

Until next time…