The Happy Farmer’s Ditching Escapades

he Happy Farmer’s services have been in demand over the festive season, and not just his fantastic turkey roasting service. With Persabus now situated as the gateway to the north Islay Distilleries, there has been a lot of ‘ditching’ going on recently, compliments of cars misbehaving. In their enthusiasm to access the Distilleries, they can often be seen veering ever so slightly off course. This in turn lands their drivers and passengers in a tipsy, sometimes vertically challenged situation, wedged firmly in a ditch. Hire cars seem to be the main culprits. There is always a sigh of relief when it is a mainland hire car and not one of the local Islay car hires.
On the plus side the Happy Farmer is getting to meet some really lovely people from all corners of the world and thankfully although his tractor might be creeping up in years, she can still pull a motor or two out of a ditch.
The farmhouse has been busy with passing revellers. ‘First footing’ is the order of the day across the island at this time of year. Following Hogmanay, it is a part of the island tradition to call by friends and family, with a small offering of food or a dram. It is an incredibly sociable time of the year, when post partying, following the firework displays, and the ceilidhs in the village halls and houses, ‘visiting’ continues into the New Year. It was really appreciated then when families called by the pottery today to collect their pieces from the kiln and arrived laden with home-made black bun and bottles of wine.
In the run up to Christmas the farmhouse kitchen was filled with Christmas Angels when the Handsome Farmer called by to collect his turkey delivery from Archie Bread. Coffees were poured and halos were shining brightly as even the farmers were too busy to stop for long.
We celebrated the festivities, enjoying all of the usual traditions, alongside windswept beach walks on the beautiful island shores and meanders along the woodland paths, before settling in and enjoying nights at the fireside. It has been a lovely family time. A time to recharge and refresh as we move happily into the new decade.
Wishing you and yours a very happy new year from all of us at Persabus.
Until next time…