Saligo Bay

Out on the north west coast of the island is Saligo Bay, another of Islay’s spectacular beaches. With beautiful golden sands, rugged rock formations, and the Atlantic rollers crashing in, Saligo Bay has it all. Saligo Bay is not safe for swimming due to undercurrents, but there are often rock pools which are deep enough for a quick dip. Dogs must always be kept on a lead when heading to Saligo Bay as you walk through the farm to access the beach.

A beach for happy BBQs, and ‘hot weather on toast’! Read on…

Last week when I woke to overcast skies the Happy Farmer informed me that

The sun was just running a bit behind schedule.

It appeared to have faced a bit of a delay and made room for a few heavy showers to keep the thirsty plants watered and more importantly the island’s whisky source flowing. Too much sunshine and dry weather can be detrimental to the whisky supplies. I was looking for some ‘hot weather on toast’ myself.

Yesterday with my brightly coloured toes peeping out from the hot sand below,

A driftwood fire nestled in among the rocks

with a grill on top, sizzling away as burgers cooked, there was no place I would rather have been than Saligo bay. Huge blue skies spread across the horizon as the bright sun shone down onto golden sands. The sea could not have been a more brilliant turquoise as the Atlantic rollers crashed and frothed before breaking on to the shoreline. That warm sand between the toes. The calm of the sea. The salty air. Bags laden with snacks and a flask of hot tea.

‘Team beach’ has arrived on Islay

I love it when the gang arrive home for summer. I love that Islay is the only place they want to be in the summer. I had intended to just drop a few of them at the beach. I hadn’t intended to stay for a while, especially not for the whole day, but once there, how could I resist? Time stands still at the beach and yesterday was a time for standing still and enjoying.

As we trundled back to the farm

in the early evening, tired and happy, dinner was already on cooking. The Happy Farmer busy at the Aga cooking up a feast just as the ice cream van pulled into the yard. 99 ice creams dripping with raspberry sauce were served as starters.

The clan might be growing up in years, but an

Islay summer beautifully captures the child within.

The race is on to make the most of the hot weather and free time. A house filled with sand, discarded swimsuits and wet towels are a sign that everyone is enjoying their Islay time.

As the days end it is also a time for beautiful moonlit walks with evenings spent outdoors as summer skies descend into a warm twilight when the moon rises in the skies.

The pottery has become a riot of crazy vibrant ‘all singing, all dancing’ creativity.

Even the Happy Farmer has a spring in his step as he bounces past the door on his lawn mower, singing away to himself as the grass is neatly cut. It has been lovely welcoming so many ‘regulars’ back to the pottery. Everyone is growing tall as young children have suddenly morphed into happy teenagers. I was struck down with a summer cold last week but as I croaked  my way through the days with a whisper of a voice, an absolute ‘godsend’ said the Happy Farmer, everyone’s visits and beautiful colourful creations lifted my spirits and the cold has thankfully dispersed, just in time for the weather heating up to allow for a few more dips in those turquoise seas.

Here’s hoping you are all enjoying summer and that child within.

Until next time…