A biting cold easterly wind has been sweeping across our shores, and the island is swathed with the rich colours of a winter landscape. Spectacular sunrises give way to huge blue skies and vibrant sunsets. The Paps of Jura are covered in a peppering of snow.

The Happy Farmer is struggling with back problems. The morning rounds are taking their toll, the damage done lifting heavy feed blocks over fences. Hay has arrived for the horses, so along with a daily scoop of sugar beet, Hansel and Muffin are in fine form. On rough, wild days, a quick peep out of the window at which side of the hills and fields the sheep and cows are sheltering, gives you an indication of wind direction. The farmhouse has become a cosy haven for the cats and dogs, and the Aga provides cosy warmth and welcoming soup to passing farmers taking a break from their winter duties.

The pottery has been busy too, with a workshop to paint medals for an awards ceremony, the wood burning stove roaring away, bringing some warmth to the old stone walls, but most warming of all was the hearty chat around the table as we painted away. Good company and a good chat is just the tonic to beat the icy cold winds of January.

Until next time…..