Islay Accommodation

The new  Islay accommodation suite at Persabus has gained the approval of our resident guests. The latest addition to the Happy Farmer’s portfolio of accommodation is already in high demand. He was made aware of its comfort when the residents almost missed their breakfast. They were so happy enjoying the new complex. It is proving quite difficult to coax them out and about in the mornings.

The other day the Happy Farmer could not spy them anywhere.

He thought they must be out at the hill gate enjoying the spectacular sunrise. However there was no sign of them at the gate. When he went to collect the feed buckets, there they were. Hansel, the horse, had his head casually peeping out of the stable door. Muffin, eldest’s pony, was positively ‘grinning’ behind him. Having been at first ever so cautious of their new stable those horses are now happily enjoying having it at their disposal. Entering it as and when they please. The Happy Farmer was much relieved to see them there and quite chuffed that they so obviously approve of his latest handiwork.

It is not just the horses who have been enjoying the accommodation on offer at Persabus

Over the past couple of weeks we have welcomed several parties of guests to the farmhouse bed and breakfast suite Couples taking ‘time out’. Enjoying exploring all Islay has to offer at this quieter time of year.

The weather has been incredibly mild, with beautiful sunrises, huge skies and gorgeous cloud formations. The ever changing emotions of the winter skies lead to a spectacular colour show. Beautiful weather has allowed for plenty of long walks with the dogs. Through the fields and woods and along the beaches. Just the tonic after the busy festivities.

At this time of year, on Islay, you really can have a whole beach to yourself.

If you don’t count the seals, the oystercatchers, the gulls and otters, who are never far away, and much more likely to be out to ‘play’ at this quieter time of the year.

The days are short.

Allowing for plenty of time to cosy down in front of the log fire.

A fine dram and a  good book in hand. Time for reminiscing about a day well spent exploring the island. With the distilleries all open again and the local Hotels serving warming local winter produce, our guests have certainly been enjoying their ‘Islay time’.

In the pottery it is a time to ‘play’.

New designs are starting to flow and there is time to dabble with painting not just with underglazes but with watercolours and acrylics too.

On the farm the animals have all been enjoying the milder climes.

Feeding duties continue and the Happy Farmer’s ‘winter projects’ are beginning to formulate from plans into action as the buildings are ‘refreshed’ and ‘renewed’.

 It is good to see the horses enjoying their new shelter. A shelter which, when eldest daughter is involved, comes complete with colourful LED fairy lights. This leads me to think, as the weather gets warmer and the seasons change,  it will be doubling up as more than a stable.

Until next time…