Beauty Treatments on the Farm

This morning’s breakfast guests have travelled many miles over the oceans to reach our Islay shores. Arriving to experience all that a whisky adventure has to offer, Islay took preference.  Lying on sun drenched beaches in hotter climes closer to their home did not appeal. The wild and beautiful landscape of Scotland was calling.

As they tucked into one of the Happy Farmer’s hearty breakfasts they spoke of dreams of lying on barley drenched malting floors. Breathing in the heady fumes as they experience steam saunas and facials from mash tuns, wash backs and still rooms. All followed by whisky soaked peaty baths. Listening to their banter it seems our Islay distilleries are missing a trick. The visitor experience is growing and apparently, the distilleries could up their game even further to meet the dreams of our whisky visitors.

Even the Happy Farmer is getting harangued by the animals to offer more of a visitor experience. He was entertained on his morning rounds the other day to see Markus the bull sporting a full mud mask on his face. A double take and he wasn’t mistaken. Our sandy coloured bull had a face completely covered in thick, black mud, with just two circles for the eyes to peep out from. His face was positively caked in dried rich mud. With the beginning of spring and the tradition of washing one’s face in the morning dew on the first of May the bull is making certain he is readily prepared and looking his very best. He never misses a photo opportunity to pose with his ladies, the Persabus Highland cows, for the cameras of passing tourists. With the recent opening of Ardnahoe Distillery, the animals are required to model for visitors on a daily basis. The hairy cows are making the most of the natural ‘blow drys’ on offer from our breezy climes, and can be seen sporting positively ‘punky’ and ‘coiffed’ locks.

The results of the bull’s mud mask were clear to see the following day. His fur was fluffier, and his face positively gleaming after a quick dip in the natural spring water of the burn.

At Persabus it seems we offer natural beauty treatments with amazing results. The mud masks leave the skin soft and glowing and just a little bit ‘fluffier’. The mud of course has been permeated by the salty sea air, offering purifying, skin brightening properties, full of peaty richness, real ‘peaty bog’ standard, and washed off or washed down with a good Islay malt it really does cleanse and refresh, or so our bull would have you believe.

If you are tempted the Happy Farmer is more than happy for you to stop by the fields and try one for yourself.

Until next time…