The Jura Chronicles

The Isle of Jura is an incredibly special place. A beautiful wilderness of stunning scenery. It has a close-knit community, and just one single track road, which twists and winds, revealing spectacular views of unspoilt loveliness, as a bounty of wildlife greet you on your way. It is where I met the Happy Farmer, and the place that first drew me to these magical islands.

A few weeks back eldest was invited to take part in an exciting Jura project. She arrived off the early morning plane from Glasgow and promptly went skipping off, guitar in hand, heading, over the sea, on the ferry to Jura.

A beautiful sunny day, she met the Camerons, distant cousins of her own. Kenneth and Gavin are working on a series of short films, The Jura Chronicles. Films providing short videos about the history of the island. Kenneth and Gavin are part of the fixtures and fittings of Jura having resided there for many generations. They are keen to record and share the history of this beautiful place, capturing stories of the clans of the island.

Gavin contacted eldest to invite her to do the vocals for a song about Jura written by the late Charles Fletcher, Laird of Ardlussa, and also a distant relation of the Persabus Fletchers. After the initial recording at The Jura Chronicles HQ it was a day of exploring beaches and hillsides as recordings were done and clips were filmed, ready for editing and producing, before the next film from The Jura Chronicles was ready for uploading.

Good old-fashioned island hospitality was served up in huge helpings and after being treated like a superstar, at the end of the day, in the family home Jessica May was treated to home baked scones with lashings of cream and jam. Eldest is at her happiest when she is on the islands with guitar in hand, or in the saddle of her favourite horse. After a day on Jura singing and filming, Hansel was saddled up, and she galloped off into the fields.

Island living at its very best.

Until next time…