Islay Hospitality

Unexpected guests made it to Persabus to enjoy some Islay hospitality. During the pandemic with tight restrictions in place, our usual Islay hospitality ground to a halt. Only essential workers were allowed to travel to and from Islay. However one party of visitors managed to evade all rules and restrictions in place, a large party, looking for some of that special warm welcome and Persabus hospitality.

The Rule Breakers

Our regular guests turned up at Persabus this week

They arrived as a large group.

With the rules changing around keeping everyone safe and helping to prevent the spread of Covid-19, two households are no longer allowed to stay together or mix indoors in self-catering accommodation in Scotland.

The Happy Farmer knew at once that our guests were not all from the same family

There were too many of them ‘tagging’ along. An exceptionally large group, there was no sign of any social distancing, and certainly not a face mask in sight. They were quite simply enjoying their freedom. Happily flouting any of the rules we are all adhering to.

The Happy Farmer for once was not in the least bit concerned

Luckily, these guests will be with us for the long haul and are not planning on checking in to any of the self-catering accommodation on offer at Persabus.

On Tuesday morning we were awoken with the sound of lots of excited happy chatter.

Geese circled in the skies high above

Round and round they swooped, and circled, in neat, coordinated formations appearing to be doing several laps of honour. Such was their excitement to have made the long and arduous journey from Greenland back to their island home for the cooler months.

With crystal clear skies across the farm, and the sun gradually rising from behind the Paps of Jura, it really was picture perfect, and too good a moment to miss fumbling for my phone to grab a quick photo. It was a moment to be enjoyed. Luckily I did manage to get a photo of a smaller flock later on.

The shrill squawks and shrieks.

The’ whooping’ of strong wings flapping away as the geese looked down longingly at the rich green grassy fields below that the Happy Farmer has grown especially for their arrival. Well, not quite ‘grown’ for them specifically. In the winter months it can indeed become a bit of a ‘tussle’ for grazing as the geese can pluck the fields bare, leaving little, if anything, behind for the sheep and cattle.

On Tuesday then, our new arrivals simply could not contain their excitement. The sheer joy, the excited chatter, as hordes of geese gathered from all corners. It really did sound like one very happy family returning to Islay for their much needed holidays.

Welcome back Barnacle Geese!

At Persabus both of our self-catering cottages have their own private gardens allowing our guests to enjoy socially distanced get togethers with any visiting family or friends…

Until next time…