Camping with Breakfast

The huge skies of an island winter

provide an ever-changing canvas of colour, deep cerulean blues with giant white clouds give way to dark purple storm clouds. The beaches become wild and windswept from the lashing winter storms. Islay is at its most beautiful when the sun shines on a winter’s day.

Flocks of Barnacle and White Fronted geese gather in the fields

to graze on the shoots of grass, having made the long and precarious journey from Greenland in the Autumn, to spend the winter months on Islay.

The warmth of the Rayburn in the kitchen of Persabus Cottage

and the roaring log fire in the sitting room provide a welcome warmth for our winter guests, after a day spent exploring Islay in the crisp, biting cold weather.

Last night we welcomed our first campers of the year to Persabus

Hardy people.

This morning the island is covered in a beautiful white blanket of snow, as a winter wonderland is unveiled, and the snow continues to fall outside. The Happy Farmer is busy in the kitchen. The bacon is crisping. The sausages and black pudding cooking away in the Aga. Potato scones, eggs and a pot of freshy ground coffee, toast and marmalade, are all at the ready, to give our campers a very warm Persabus welcome to the start of their winter camping adventure on Islay.

Until next time…