Islay Art Experiences and Creative Workshops

Pottery and Art Studio on Islay running courses in a range of activities for beginners and beyond. Group bookings available.

Discover, Explore and Connect with nature’s patterns and shapes with our art experiences on Islay. Find your inner voice and let your creativity flow.
Have fun as we guide you on a journey of self discovery, exploring your own unique creative style, with our art experiences.
In our Islay Studio, we combine mindfulness, relaxation and art. Our workshops are an opportunity for you to enjoy some creative fun. Release creative blocks and get into a flow. Capture stories from the shoreline, rich seascapes, and beautiful landscapes through art adventures and exercises, with a focus on process.

Pop along to the pottery and art studio at Persabus, we have lots of exciting creative adventures awaiting.

Enjoy an afternoon of pottery painting. We offer exciting pottery painting workshops and ‘pottery takeaways’. 

In addition to our pottery painting workshops, we also offer exciting Art Experiences.

Our Islay Art Experiences are available to book, subject to availability.

‘How Do You See The Sea?’ and ‘How Do You See the Seasons?’ are the two art experiences currently on offer at Persabus. These must be booked in advance.

Keep an eye on our social media pages, or get in touch to book a private art workshop for your party.

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Creative Workshop - How Do You See The Sea?

Join us for a relaxing creative workshop incorporating mindful exercises, visualisations, and art, using a variety of mixed media.  

Discover, Explore and Connect with the colours, and patterns, the shapes, and textures, the draw of Islay’s wild, beautiful seascapes.

Flow with art to the shorelines and rockpools, the craggy outcrops. To the waves, the shimmering seas, the horizon, and beyond. 

Enjoy experimenting with your unique creative process and style. Finding your own inner creative voice.

We run workshops at various times throughout the year. Keep an eye on our social media.

Or get in touch to book a private workshop for your party.

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Creative Workshop - How Do You See The Seasons?

Did you look up at the sky today?

Those colours and shapes? A world of billowing candyfloss clouds.

Our ‘How Do You See the Seasons’ workshop combines mindfulness, relaxation, visualisations, and art. Enjoy as we take you on a journey of discovery.

Explore the layers of colour, pattern, shape, and texture, as each season marks the landscape in a series of different lights. Each bringing its own unique energy, colouring the landscape in beautiful ways.

Discover, explore and connect with nature as we guide you to explore the seasons through exciting art exercises and journeys.

We run workshops at various times throughout the year. Keep an eye on our social media.

Or get in touch to book a private workshop for your party.

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Explore our delightful Islay accommodation where we have a fabulous choice of country accommodation on this beautiful island.

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Things to Do

There is so much to see and do on the beautiful island of Islay and we have a section to help you decide what to do when you visit here.

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Best B&B on entire trip. Man this place was amazing. This is my first and probably last review I’ll ever do but Donald deserves this. My now wife went on my dream trip to Islay with her mother and step-father. I was on cloud 9 to be on Islay to go to Laphroaig and thought my trip couldn’t get better. Was I wrong! The rooms were more the nice. Quaint and homey comes to mind. Nothing that blows you away but the seating area upstairs was a really nice touch between the two rooms. Soft beds and comfortable rooms will meat you and the beautiful countryside surround this place and make you feel like you are home. If you have a pair of couples this place is ideal as you can get the entire upstairs (2 rooms) to yourself. The kitchen downstairs is comfortable and the food was always top-notch to start our day.

For how nice and quaint the room was it doesn’t match the service we got. Donald (the owner) was by far the nicest person I have meet on my years of travel. From the moment we walked through his door he was there to make sure Islay was everything we could dream it be. His suggestions for food, awesome. His thoughts on what to explore (besides the planned distilleries) truly enjoyable places. His love and appreciation for Scotch (which he might share if you aren’t a dumb ar$e) made the Island that much more magical. My trip to Islay was 7 years in the making and Donald made sure I got everything I could possibly dream from outa Islay.

Moral of the story. This slice of heaven might be a little drive from the towns but if you want a nice quite place to escape to this is your dream. Donald will bend over backwards to make sure you enjoy your time and is one of the funnest/nicest/friendliest persons I have ever meet. I hate to share such a good place as I don’t want to ever have competition when I return but Gad Dam this place deserves the credit!

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