Pottery Painting Kits

Pottery Painting Kits

Blank pottery teapots

Paint your own pottery at Persabus

Our ‘take away pottery’ painting kits

are perfect for anyone who enjoys a bit of creativity.

Paint your own designs onto ceramics and we will glaze and fire them for you.

Handprint and footprint plates, mugs and bowls make lovely presents for grannies, grandads, aunts and uncles. Or buy a painting kit as a gift for a friend to enjoy.

Once painted, simply return your painted pieces in the original box, along with brushes and unused paints to the pottery. We will then glaze and fire the pieces for you in one of our kilns at Persabus.

Each box contains your chosen bisque shape, paint brushes, instructions and pots of paint

Simply choose a piece(s)

you can pop along to the pottery studio at Persabus where we offer a much wider choice of shapes, or choose from the shapes displayed on this page and phone or email your order to us.

Select 5 paint colours,

(For group orders or larger orders we can add a few more colours to your selection)

We can have your box ready for collection, or make it up with you in the studio, where there is a much wider choice of colours too.

Instructions will be provided in the box, along with the pieces, paint colours of your choice and brushes. (See below for painting instructions).

Have a fun and creative time painting your pieces

Once finished, make sure you have written your name or initials onto your piece, then place everything back in the box, your finished items, brushes, any remaining paints and paint pots and

return your box to the pottery

We will then glaze and fire your pottery pieces, ready for collection, or, for a small charge, we can post them out to you.

Painting Instructions

• Give your piece a wipe with a damp cloth or sponge. Allow to dry. (please note if you submerge your ceramic in water it can take over 24 hours to dry)
• Put a small amount of paint onto your palette (plates are good for this, the paint is nontoxic and can be washed off the plate as normal)
• Apply paint to the ceramic! One coat will give you a thinner, translucent colour with visible brushstrokes. Two or three layers will give you a more intense, opaque colour.
• Remember if you put one colour on top of another they will merge when we fire them in the kiln. A mixture of green and red can come out as a sludgy brown if you apply thin layers! If you do layer colours make sure you do enough coats of the topcoat to allow it to stand out. The paints are underglazes, they deepen and brighten when they are fired. Start with lighter shades and work up to darker shades.
• You don’t have to just use a brush to paint. Sponging gives a nice effect, the end of a brush makes a lovely dot. (if you make a mistake you can wipe it away with a damp cloth).
• Leave your ceramic to dry.
• Bring your painted pieces back in the original box, along with paint brushes supplied, and pots of unused paints to the pottery at Persabus. When we receive your ceramic we’ll glaze and fire it in one of our kilns
• Your ceramic will be all lovely and shiny, and ready for collection in a few days
• We’d love to see you getting creative. Please tag us in your photos!

Takeaway Pottery Painting Boxes

Simply enlarge images and choose your pieces, or why not pop along to our studio and choose from our display shelves at Persabus?

Small plain pottery figures

Small Figures and party animals £14 each

Mugs £15.00 each

Blank Pottery Mugs for painting


Small teapot £28.50

Medium traditional teapot £35.00

Large teapot £40.00

Unglazed teapots

Egg Cup £8.50

Money Banks £22.50 each

Plain pottery money bankss

Dinner Plate £22.00 

Salad/side plate £15.00

Cereal Bowl  Small £15.00  Large £18.00

Half Litre Jug £28.50