Islay’s Garden

It is a cat’s life on the farm at Persabus

Our tigers roam the fields at this time of year. Enjoying a spot of hunting with all the fresh pickings that arrive as the grass begins to lengthen. The fields are a sea of yellow just now, with the brightness of the buttercups gleaming skywards to capture those gorgeous sun’s rays.

On evening walks, two googly eyes appear

spying from the depths of the undergrowth. Carefully studying our every move, before pouncing. Hamishina, our little tiger, catching at our feet, running between our legs, teasing, purring and then insisting on rolling over in our path. Getting under our feet, so she can enjoy those much-loved belly rubs. She would happily skip at our sides and accompany us on the whole journey. So, at this point, she is usually scooped up, returned to the farmhouse, to allow the walk to continue in earnest, without fear of losing one cat along the way, as we venture off the farm, through the woods, and down to the shore.

The colours of the season unfold across the landscape. The delicate flowers, the pops of pink, purple, cream and white set against the grassy vivid greens and yellows. The sun’s rays casting golden lights and deep shadows.

Down at the shoreline, the seals bob in the water

The swans majestic and protective of their young family, as new life emerges all around. The deep blues of the Sound of Islay, the pale bronze and golds of Jura rising in the background.

Craggy rock formations hang with moss and ferns. The lichen spread over thousands of years across their surfaces. The patterns, texture and colours, delicate, wispy flecks, pops of mustard, pale greens, and greys. The atmosphere of those aged rocks against the stillness, with just the sounds of nature as a heron swoops past.

Back in the pottery

and in between all the lovely visitors, and goodness it has been a busy month, and those fabulous orders, I am taking a little time to enjoy the energy and creativity that flows from those evening adventures walking from the farmhouse to the shore. Playing with the patterns and colours, capturing nature’s inspiration as new ranges emerge…’Islay’s Garden’…and suddenly the possibilities seem endless.

With all the wonderful inspiration around why not enjoy exploring your own creative flow?

Head off to the shores of a loch, or a grassy meadow, with a Persabus ‘takeaway pottery’ kit and enjoy an afternoon capturing the vivid colours of nature’s designs onto your own piece of pottery in a beautiful setting, before heading back for glazing and firing. We will guide you through the process and send you on your way with a beautiful selection of colours, full instructions and all materials.

Happy days. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Until next time…

cat rolling in grass
River flowing
Sound of Islay
Persabus Pottery Studio
Lichen patterned milk bottle vase
Pottery bowl
Flowers at Persabus