Horse Play at Persabus

We had been enjoying a tease of beautiful spring weather

on the island with gorgeous blue skies and sunshine and then suddenly May was rudely interrupted with a ferociously stormy, wild day of dramatic gales and sleety rain with golf ball size hailstones thrown in for good measure. Even the Paps of Jura were left covered with a dusting of snow.

Late in the day when eldest went to check on poor Hansel horse he was looking more than a bit miserable.

He galloped to her and followed her into the stable

but was just not himself, nuzzling into her. The sudden, sharp plunge in temperature had really affected him.

More hay and a bucket of horse feed were delivered by a concerned Happy Farmer and the vet was called. A gate was tied across the stable door to keep Hansel in the warmth whilst they tended to him, with

Muffin the pony on the other side trying his best to get in.

The two horses are incredibly competitive when it comes to fuss and attention and on this occasion, Muffin was feeling positively excluded.

Typically, though when the Happy Farmer did open the gate to allow Muffin in, to keep his chum company,

Muffin feigned immediate disinterest

and proceeded to trot off, muzzle in the air, playing ‘hard to get’. Muffin was more than a little put out at being initially ‘barred’ from the stable and was enjoying having a ‘horsey huff’.

A little more horse feed did the trick though. Soon he was literally eating out of the Happy Farmer’s hands once again, before being gently guided into the stable. Hansel was busy getting his head and legs rubbed down with towels to dry him off and keep him as warm as possible whilst everyone waited for the vet.

Muffin, ever the cheeky pony, spent the wait nipping at Hansel,

trying to buoy his old pal along, looking for a reaction. When the vet arrived, as she was stooped down over Hansel, checking his temperature,

Muffin spied his chance.

Full of mischief, and not content with just nipping Hansel, he opened those jaws wide and was just preparing to take a cheeky wee nip at the vet, when luckily the Happy Farmer, knowing only too well what a cheeky nature Muffin has, sprang to the rescue. His quick intervention saved the day, and happily the good vet-horse relations at Persabus were upheld, with the vet thankfully oblivious to the whole commotion going on in the background.

A couple of vaccinations and stabled for the night and Hansel was back on form in the morning. By the next day eldest knew he really was better when as Muffin went to give him a cheeky nip, Hansel opened his jaws and placed his teeth gently over Muffin’s muzzle with a friendly ‘back off’ warning.

A special thanks must go to our amazing local vet who came quickly, out of hours, in the evening, and was just so caring, thorough and professional, working her magic ensuring Hansel made a strong and happy recovery. Muffin of course remains in the naughty books.

Until next time….

Sunset across Caol ila
Whin Bushes in May
Jess and Hansel horse
Muffin the Pony
Riding on Hansel
Horse at Persabus
Hansel horse smiling