An Islay Spring

Sometimes, at the end of the day…

A day spent exploring and adventuring….

A day of following delicious journeys, journeys that ignite the senses

Days of whisky tours and tastings, as you meander along the coastline, happening upon Islay’s historic Distilleries, tucked into the shoreline, ready to transport the casks on the Puffer boats of bygone days. Today vast welcoming visitor centres, filled with island charm and character, allowing you to sup your way through whisky journeys, from the source to the tip of the tongue. As spring water bubbles out on the hillside, leading you down on a journey to the fabulous peat bogs, as clods of peat cut like slabs of thick butter, neatly stacked, ready to be transported and stored.

Days of running free across the machair

and down to the sandy shore, paddling in the bluest of seas, as the waves ebb and flow across the shore. The icy cold water, the refreshing afterglow, as those toes tingle and tickle, from nature’s very own spa therapy, long after the beach has faded into a happy memory.

Days spent hiking out over the headland

The sweet scent of bog myrtle, the crisp, refreshing, salty sea breeze, blowing in from the shore. The couple of deer, that stand poised high on the hillside, watching as we make our way across the tussocky grasses, under huge skies, with billowing white clouds.

An Islay spring

and the air is fresh, with an icy sting, the sunshine is bright, as the bluest of skies emerge over crystal clear seas, which are calling, guiding you on sea adventures to watch the dolphins and seals at play.

The Corryvreckan whirlpool

on the north tip of Jura, and a day spent exploring the dramatic and wild coastline on fantastic sea adventures.

As taste journeys unfold

and days flow into evening, the platters of the finest of seafood, freshly harvested and served up in the Lochindaal Seafood Kitchen. The melt in the mouth lamb, beef, and venison, oysters, scallops and halibut, freshly prepared and cooked in the nearby Ballygrant Inn.

The opportunity to forage and harvest

from the shoreline and beach, enjoying feasts of cockles and mussels, samphire and kelp, cooked over open fires made from driftwood, gathered along the shore, if the spring weather is kind.

We are poised on the exciting cusp

of the changing season as winter fades, with the dawning of an Islay spring, and all the promise this beautiful season presents.

The beautiful sun’s rays light up the landscape as on the farm Highland cows and Hebridean sheep can be seen chewing the cud and basking in the warmth, sheltered from the chill of the breeze.

Farm tracks and villages are lined with vibrant yellow daffodils as they flower across the island.

New life emerges, as lambs begin to appear, puddles and bogs are filled with frogspawn, and the hedgerows are alive with the many species of nesting birds that have migrated back to these island shores, ready for the nesting season.

And sometimes….at the end of a day…

All you need is a huge, comfortable bed, with the softest of sheets, to snuggle down into, as you relax and unwind, and enjoy the refreshing glow of those days spent exploring and adventuring, as the island envelopes you in her magic.

A warm welcome and huge comfy beds await at Persabus Farm, as you hop on that ferry or plane, and head over to enjoy your own island adventures and journeys.

Until next time…

Hills and blue skies
People walking on beach
The sea
The sea and hills
A river flowing
A field of daffodils and a bench
lamb and sheep
A ferry sailing at sea